The Pretty Women Feeling with Polka Dot Dress

The Pretty Women Feeling with Polka Dot Dress

The Pretty Women Feeling with Polka Dot Dress

The Pretty Women Feeling with Polka Dot Dress


What I am covering in this post

I was completely inspired by Julia Roberts in the Pretty Woman when I saw this dress online. Haven’t we all dreamt of wearing a pretty polka dress just like her in the movie. And, I have to admit, I am a big fan of the classic movie. The movie truly inspired me to transform my style growing up and gave me the confidence that clothes can truly transform you if you let it. They can be your skin, the face that you show the world. Its not your status, or the bank account or how much material you have in your life, looking fabulous comes from within and the confidence that you show wearing a piece of clothing. The movie truly defines that the world does not need to say that you are fabulous, you and only you define that.

The scene where, Julia Roberts walks with Richard Gere hand in hand, and the entire crowd looks or more like gawks at her elegance and beauty, was really mesmerizing and to this very day brings a smile on my face. So, when I saw this dress, I had to grab it immediately. I had perfectly known that the dress would be of great quality because I shopped from Mango, but what made it perfect was that it was a shirt Dres style, which makes it multipurpose and elegant at the same time. The silhouette of the dress is mostly A line with a twist of frills in the bottom which creates a flowy style to the dress.


Ofcourse, I wanted to wear what Julia was wearing, but I had to do what I had. I wanted the contrast of white accessories from the brown color of the dress and the white polka dots. The belt that I am wearing is from the Gucci belt bag. I knew the belt bag would come in handy. And I think, I can also add the belt bag to the dress to give it a sporty twist if I want to. Again, wearing my Castaner espadrilles because thats the only white sandals I have right now. I knew you would get sick of seeing them. But, the espadrilles are so versatile that I could not be happier to get my money’s worth. Paired with my Fendi bag, which compliments the dress without overpowering it, but I wish I had a white medium size bag. I think I will be shopping for one now.

A cheaper alternative here.


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Shop Some Pretty Woman Dresses

The dress demanded a hat, and I picked this prairie girl hat that I bought last year. The bow detail of the hat gives the outfit a perfect lady like look. Dont you think? The hat is from Sunday Somewhere and looks super luxurious for the price. Polka dot is such a classic print that could stay in your closet for years. In biggest polka dots the outfit looks instantly contemporary, and the smaller polka dots create a perfect classic elegance. Its amazing, how simple patterns can define an entire look and the complete vibe of your look. That is why I love fashion so much. Its a true form of live art that you can experiment with everyday.

The print makes the outfit instantly elegant and a lady like vibe. Hahaha! You know what I mean. It appears that you are instantly polished and ready for a Polo Match, and thats where I say that whenever I look at a polka dot dress I think about Pretty Woman. And this dress just made me live that scene again. And, the bohemian twist of the sleeves makes it versatile. 

I have to say that the polka dots of this dress are not the traditional polka dots and thats what instantly made me wanna buy it. It has a modern flare to it and completely camouflages the fabric.


Shop Colorful Polka Dots

I will surely be trying the polka dot trend in other colors and patterns this year as this is the year of retro trends. Have you tried the polka dot trend. How have you styled them. I am really curious to know!

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