What to Wear in Hot Weather Besides Shorts

Wondering how to dress casual for summer but without wearing shorts or short bottoms, then checkout some bottoms I am sharing in this post. You can easily create casual outfits with these bottoms but the cool part is that they are versatile unlike shorts to also create chic and put together looks when you want them to be. 

Shorts are the most casual bottoms you can wear for summer, but let’s face it, we probably don’t always want to wear short clothes. So this post will help you figure out how you can use these bottoms to create stylish casual looks without worrying about leg exposure. 

Let’s get started.

Midi Printed Skirts

My favorite summer skirts are printed midi skirts that looks great with any tops. The prints help create sophistication and also summer vibes. You can easily dress down this skirt by pairing it with plain t shirt. I am actually wearing a Henley top that is one of the most casual tops out there. 

You can wear plain T shirts or even button down shirts with this style of skirts to create casual everyday look which are summer ready and also look super cute. 

Pair it with some summer sandals to elevate the everyday look or swap them with sneakers for more casual laid back style. 

But the awesome part bout these skirts are that they can also be styled to look fancier or dressier for other occasions. So you don’t have to buy different styles of the midi skirt just for casual look.

I am sharing some of my favorite skirts for summer that are stylish and look great as well.


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Linen Pants

I literally live in these for summer. Linen pants are light weight and more breathable making them perfect for hot wether when you don’t feel like wearing some hugging your legs. 

I specially love these elastic band ones that are so comfortable that I can easily work from home wearing them all day long. And with pockets, these pants literally feel like summer casual trousers without the zip and buttons. 

In this outfit I paired white linen pants with a padded shoulder t shirt. This outfit combination is comfortable yet so stylish and elevated. I am a complete style guide to wear padded shoulder t shirts, if you are interested check them out below. 

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This is my  go to outfit to wear when I don’t want to wear something extremely structured or fancy but still want to look casual and especially do not want to show my legs. 

You do not have to wear just white linen pants, I recently purchased a black pair as well and have been absolutely obsessed with them to the point that I need to buy another one. They are that comfortable. 

Checkout my complete style guide to wear linen pants below. 

T Shirt Dress

Another one of my favorite casual summer to fall clothing piece is a t shirt dress. And gone are those days when you can only find short t shirt dresses that will ride up and make you feel really uncomfortable. 

I love midi T shirt dresses that are super comfortable because of the relaxed fabric and also breathable for the hot weather. This style of dress is also really versatile because of the simple silhouette. You can easily mould them into so many different ways and wear them for other occasions if you prefer that. 

I love belting my T shirt dresses to create a waist definition that looks chic and put together. My go to footwear are loafer mules with these dresses because these shoes are also really chic and yet comfortable to wear. Also if you have a business casual dress code at work this combination is something that you can easily wear.

But if you want you can also swap them with sneakers for an even more casual and relaxed look. 

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Bias Skirt

I am so glad that I discovered them last year and honestly love how effortless and lightweight they are which makes them perfect for summer. The material of these skirts are usually satin or crepe both of which are really light weight and comfortable to wear its hot outside. 

I prefer a black pair even though they say you cannot wear black in summer because you would not need to wear a slip skirt underneath since most of these skirts are unlined. Also a black pair is really versatile. When you do not want to wear these for causal days, you can also create chic and dressier outfits with them. I have an entire Youtube video where I am sharing outfit ideas with this skirt for summer. Check it out below.

I am wearing simple t shirt that I have tied in the front for a cropped look with this skirt. And paired loafer mules since they are kind of my go to summer close toe flats. 

But I could totally see tis outfit with a pair of white sneakers. Don’t you think so too?

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Cotton Joggers

If you love joggers always then swapping your jersey joggers with cotton ones will make a huge difference when you are trying to stay cool and feel fresh in summer. 

We all know that cotton fabric is the perfect material for summer weather. They are breathable and really comfortable to wear when its like blazing hot. And these cotton joggers feel so refreshing even though they are completely covering my legs. 

I chose to go for a colorful option because I wanted it to feel more summery and this terracotta color will go with a lot of light colored T shirt.

You can easily wear slides with these joggers and still look stylish and put together. This is the reason I instantly fell in love with them. 

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Relaxed Jeans

Jeans also can be a good option if they are relaxed and these straight leg jeans are my go to pair this summer. They look so chic and put together but because they are ankle length, my outfits still look casual.

I am again wearing my Henley top, but any T shirt or tank top will look amazing with them.

I chose to wear chunky sandals because they are super comfortable and actually look awesome with the jeans.

These jeans are from Levis and a perfect upgrade to your skinny jeans this summer. I promise you, once you wear them you won’t stop. Checkout my complete review of these jeans below.

I hope after checking out this post, you no longer feel frustrated thinking about what to wear when you don’t want to wear shorts. And please share which is your favorite bottom or if you have a pair that is a go to for you in summer. 

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