Plaid Blazer that will add Drama in your look

Plaid Blazer That Will Add Drama To Your Look

There is something about a plaid blazer that is so much sophisticated and appealing that I cannot explain. I have been obsessed with suits all my life. Growing up as a little girl I would imagine myself in one of those powerful suits strutting around an office space. As an adult that vision has completely transformed somehow, and I am so glad that blazers are no longer restricted to office space or a work setting, they are literally worn for every occasion and everywhere. You can throw it on with a pair of jeans and rock a casual look, or wear it with a shirt to make it look more elegant, wear it with a dress or with a skirt, jumpsuit, oh gosh. Yes, that’s one of the biggest reasons I love blazers, it goes with everything and adds a sophistication to the look. And somehow a plaid blazer tops it all off. The patterns makes the piece complex and luxurious to be worn and appreciated. I can say, I was fairly new to plaid blazers a couple of years ago and now I think I cannot live without it. Its a game changer in terms your workwear. It can add so much drama to your basic outfit that I feel like you will end up wearing it always.

This plaid blazer that I am wearing is from Cupcakes and Cashmere, and is wool blend which is perfect for office or places where I want a bit of structure and sophistication plus some coziness. The small patterns are perfect for my structure, since it does not add extra pounds that I don’t need.

The pattern is more detailed and I love that its subtle and the silhouette is loose fitted which is perfect with or without a belt.

I added this white Gucci Belt which creates perfect contrast to the outfit. I really love to wear this blazer this way because it definitely gives this a NYC vibe with the boss lady look. I am wearing my most worn Quay cat eyed sunglasses which gives it such a boss lady vibe. I love those sunglasses so much but we can talk about that in another post.
Doesn’t this blazer give you all the drama. I love how it just gives the basic outfit a lift with its pattern.

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I paired it with these black flare jeans from Frame which I have owned for years now and worn them so many times. They are figure hugging and yet make legs look a mile long. I love the boss lady meets Rock n Roll vibe that this whole look is bringing out. This outfit is my most go to guys with a blend of structure and flowy. I name this outfit Modern bohemian with a Class, because you know I love to stay classy with a twist!!

The detailed pattern of this blazer is an awesome contrast but still the muted tone makes it a perfect pairing with any outfit, Its the neutral color tone which is gray. You don’t have to wear a shirt, you can also pair this with Tees like I did and this look still looks perfect for work. What do you think?

If you could only buy a blazer, I will always recommend buying a plaid one, because its the best of both worlds with a blend of structure and sophistication with a twist of drama. It makes any outfit stylish. You dont have to go and spend a lot of money on one, but always investing on a quality piece is more important than buying a lot of them. And trust me you will thank me for years.

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