Banana Republic Cocoon Coatigan Review – Why You Should Own A Coatigan

Wanted to review this cute forest green coatigan from Banana Republic called Cocoon Coatigan which comes in 6 colors and has become an essential for me. This year all of our overall outfits and styling has shifted to more relaxed and comfy looks. But we also thrive to look a little put together and stylish for our video calls may it be job, school, business or even video calls with your friends.

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I have seen a lot of coatigans in the market from various brands, but this one from Banana republic caught my eye and I instantly added this to cart since they were having a sale at the point where I could buy this under $100. There still have an ongoing sale where this coatigan is being sold at a discounted pricing. I will link everything below.

What is a Coatigan?

A coatigan is a combination of coat and a cardigan. But its interpreted differently by every brand. You will see some brands will have collars for their coatigan and some will not. But most importantly the concept of coatigan was built on the idea of making a coat as comfortable as a cardigan and still have the balance of structure and sophistication. I honestly, love it for both the reasons, since I am working from home a most of the time, this style of coat feels more feasible and wearable for video calls and just to stay cozy

What it is made of? And How To Care?

The coatigan is not wool made, its 50% viscose rayon, 27% polyester, 23% nylon. While a lot of you might not be happy about that, I am white impressed by the result. The knit feels extremely soft and I honestly felt like this is a cashmere blend or something. The artificial material also helps withe cleaning and caring for the coatigan which is pretty easy compared to woolen fabrics. I have already machine washed it and I still didnt see any shrinkage, the only care I took is I did not dry it in the dryer, instead I just air dried it. This is something I do with all my knitwear that I can machine wash. 

The more you care for your knitwear the longer they will last and the longer you would enjoy them. This is the main reason some of my knitwear have lasted me for years.

Fit and Style Of the Coatigan!

I sized up in this coatigan just like all my coats. I usually do this so I could layer them with chunkier knitwear underneath if needed. I also love the fact that, there are no colors which means you can wear a collared outfit underneath and layer this coatigan and make it look really chic. Double collars often do not look specially if you have a stiff collar like a shirt’s.

The fabric is extremely stretchy and comfortable. I literally wear it at home mostly to stay cozy at my desk. I also wore this on my trip to Mexico recently, and used it as a blanket on the flight which was amazing. It was comfortable enough to sleep in as well. And it kept me pretty warm.

The coatigan has seamless pockets on the side which is great to use but its also good that they are concealed so it creates a cardigan vibe as well. 

Which color to pick?

I picked this forest green color because I did not own a cardigan in this color and love to wear it. But the cardigan comes in 5 more colors including Camel color. So you can decide what suits your personal style. All of the colors are pretty subtle and timeless which means that you can keep on wearing this coatigan even after you are not working from home or going outside. I also like the Heather Gray color which would add a softer neutral touch to any outfit. And I wish they also had a white or cream color and honestly it would have looked really nice.


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Some More Ways I Would Wear!

Overall Thoughts

If you like a bit of a casual and relaxed style and want to invest in something which won’t cost you an arm and leg, then this is a great coatigan to invest in. Banana Republic is also a high end brand and its quality is not questionable which means this coat is going to last me for years. And I honestly like to invest in classic pieces that will last me for years rather than buying trendy items that I will have to get rid of in a year. 

In terms of color recommendation, I would say if you want to completely be safe and buy something that will work with everything, then try go for the heather gray color which is refreshing as well as neutral. And I think you only need one of these anyways.

Do you already own a coatigan? If yes, what is your thoughts on this

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