New Hair Care Product Review From Jaci

Super excited to share my thoughts on this new hair care line called Jaci. You know I am a big fan of hair care products. I usually and almost always spend more time on my hair than my face. So, when I was gifted this Reparative Shampoo and conditioner from the brand to test it out, I jumped on it. Because you see, I was curious to see how as a small company they could keep the margin of their products so low and keep it so affordable. 


Value For Price

The bottle costs $24 for 250ml which is a pretty good price for a vegan, cruelty free product. And let’s not forget Sulphate free. If you have frizzy fine hair, and you are still using sulphate shampoos, I have to say why are you doing this to your hair! Please stop. 

I know the sulphate lathers up really nice and makes you feel that you are cleaning your hair very well. But its also damaging and striping your hair off all the moisture and collagen that it needs and so your hair gets frizzier. The moment I found out about this, I had to stop using Sulphate shampoos. But the sulphate free shampoos cost a lot. I have spent 100s of dollars on them. 

There is one more problem as well, since sulphate is the one that causes the lathering of the product, without it, its really difficult to clean you hair completely. And for someone like me, who oils her hair ( I know there will be a lot of rolling, but its a childhood habit), I need all of that out to really feel good about my hair wash.  

Quality & Result

Jaci shampoo really felt that way. It was clean and I really used very little of the shampoo for washing my hair. The moment I used water to lather, it immediately felt like melting into my hair and cleaning the hair. The shampoo and conditioner smell like Jasmine. And thats the best feeling. The conditioner is also lightweight and not really sticky on hair. So you dont have to run your hair a lot to wash it off. I feel like the conditioner quickly absorbs in your hair and makes your hair smell really good. The Reparative Conditioner also costs $24 and I think its going to last me for a while since I barely used a lot. 

But the best part is how my hair feels. I love how after only 4 uses my hair feels softer and calmer. I dont see as much frizz that I have to style it immediately. I almost just blow dried my hair and combed through. I could already see my dead hair ends looking a bit alive. And it sure does feel amazing to not have to straighten my hair all the time.


And can we just talk about the packaging! How cute is the packaging and yet so simple. I think the packaging perfectly aligns with the message that product delivers. It actually simplifies your hair solution. This might be too much but, I also love that the bottle are still ever so slightly of different colors. It annoys me so much to have to read the label to identify which is the shampoo or the conditioner while being in the shower. This actually makes it really easy. 

Overall Thoughts

The brand has so many other amazing duos like the toning shampoo which is my next one that I want to try. They also have shampoo for curly hair & for dry hair. I was thinking about the dry hair, but I think my hair needed more repair than hydration. So, I skipped it for the next time. I absolutely think you guys should give this line of products a try. 

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