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Road Trip Essentials for Stylish Outfits that’s worth every photo!

Road Trip Essentials for Stylish Outfits that’s worth every photo!


This would be my last blog post on road trip, I guess!! You know I will come to an outfit checklist, don’t you, because by now you already know what I like, Clothes and of course shoes, and bags, and jewelry and all of that. I wish I knew about coming up with something like this a few years ago, I visited some of the prettiest places with some of the hideous outfits!

Yes, I know it doesn’t matter much, but if you look at Social media, which most of us are (let’s face it, if you are not, you are probably lying, you are in the internet and reading this, so you are kind of social…), all those amazing travel photos weren’t created by accident. All those travel bloggers thought about and prepared their outfits in order to cohesively be with the background and hence making it the dreamiest picture which you look at and instantly want to be there and look like that.

So, lets begin with the fun

It’s always the basics first. Road trip is all about being comfortable and casual. And what more than tees and shorts that speak comfort. Statement tees are all the rage, and they are just the ones that would make for a stylish casual outfit.

Ofcourse Let’s not forget the comfy shorts, Though, comfy shorts always remind me of the sweat shorts or gym shorts. But we could do so much better than that, can’t we. I love paperbag waist shorts, the pleated shorts this season and classic denim shorts, but High Waisted Ofcourse. But packing a sweatpants or jeans for somedays when we feel like wearing something else.

The Fancy Stuff

These are called fancy because we don’t see road trips as a fancy event or trip. But they totally can be if you take these awesome pieces from your closet. It can be a pretty printed skirt, Animal print is also so in style right now. It can also be the off shoulder top or dress that you can wear for a dinner at that really nice restaurant you spotted suddenly and must eat that night.

Yes, my point here is that, even though you are on a casual journey, there is no rule or anything that you only have to go to fast restaurants and take outs. Its a vacation and you can do whatever you like, and would love to take pictures as well. So, carrying a few stylish and fancy pieces will always come in handy.

The Footwear!

With everything going on with clothes, lets not forget to coordinate our shoes please! That often happens to me, I have figured out all my outfits but forgot about the shoes. 😒 I know its important to carry comfy shoes that you can wear and walk, but we should’t forget the beach or pool slides that we need to pack along with some stylish sandals for those fancy clothes that we talked about.

Accessories Please!

Here, I would focus on bags and sunglasses, and maybe I will sprinkle some jewelries because we love those jewels don’t we! I like to pack at least 3 bags because, first I can shove in my car trunk if it does not fit the suitcase or bag, plus, I can change it up in my photos, mixing and matching my outfits to come up with different outfits which is key when you are on a long vacation. Same goes with sunglasses, but the best part is that since they don’t fill up a lot of space ( I can recommend some clever ways of carrying them below as well) so, you won’t feel as guilty packing a little more than you need.

Did We Forget Hats!

Oops, it did happen to me this past weekend when I was glamping (this word needs to be added to the dictionary) and forgot my hat and it was 100 degrees and sun was hitting my head like a hammer. And cute hats actually make great outfits. They can also add that extra touch to your otherwise casual effortless style and turn the whole look into something really photo worthy (I know that sounds cheesy, but have to dramatic or else you guys won’t get the picture).

Pool Must Haves!

This is extremely vital, but do you also know that you could pack swim cover ups and cute beach bags, because its a road trip and you do not need to worry about packing light. Yes, I really love this part about a road trip. I at least pack 3 swimsuits because I do not want to take pictures with the same swimsuit in different hotels or beach. You know what I mean!

The Extra Touch!

These are some extras that make a huge difference to the whole look. We often do our hair for work, parties and events, but we forget the tools to vacation. I know, vacation is relaxing and not worrying about all this, but we don’t have to take all our tools, most hotels have hair dryer, so all we need is a curling iron or a straightener, but if you still are not convinced, you can carry some awesome bobby pins and snap clips, scarf scrunchies, and you will be all set for the trip. It not only makes the whole look put together, it also makes a great photo. Also, what about socks for both your shoes and at the hotel, yes, I am guilty of forgetting them as well.

Hmm.. Pajamas!

I know this post is about road trip essentials, and I will never forget my PJs, but trust me I have done that, or I have packed way too less of them, so yes pajamas are as important. The hotel rooms are not like our homes, the Air Conditioner does not work the same way, so its important we have proper pajamas to get a good night sleep because otherwise, dark circles in the morning!


Yes, I can’t stress enough, how important they are and how many times, I was like, I should have brought my Spanx with me. I know! even though we want to be comfortable and comfy undies are the way to go, but if you want to wear an off shoulder top, then a strapless bra is needed, or if you packed a body con dress, well you need the spanx. Also, we need to worry about having enough nude panties so that they don’t show up under our white linen dress or shorts. You know what I mean.

OK, I hope I have covered everything. Let me know what do you think about all these items. And don’t forget to memorize everything that I wrote down above for your next trip. 😜😂🤣


I made a essentials list for you all to keep with you. I know I might have used some items which might get sold out, but you can always find similar pieces you already own or in other stores. So, this checklist is just not for now, next month, you can use it next year and the year after as well.

And its printable or you can save it on your phone, isn’t that the best. So, before you close the window, click the link below and get your free road trip essentials list!



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