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School Schedule Madness – Monday


School Schedule Madness – Monday

As if we didn’t have enough of schedule in our lives already with a Preteen girl in the house! Just Kidding!! I love her! Isn’t she adorable. Every mother feels this way about her child. Well, this week, they have a theme – Spirit Week. Well, I am not really sure why is that so, and probably some of you will curse me or think that I am a bad mom for not knowing all this, but …. Nevermind, thats not the point of this post. Let’s get back to what the theme for today was – Mismatch day! Where you get to dress up in mismatch outfits. Here is a pic of what she wore to school.

Barely, running out the door, and barely reaching school, she did pretty well! I guess she is mini version of me.


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