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I had to share this specially for all those of you who are also dealing with the same situation as me. Now after working from home for months, I do realize that the small work desk that I purchased is not big enough for me. But at the sometime, it is the perfect size for my work room that I have been slowly converting from the guest bedroom we had. 

We already have an office room, but the setup is not as cohesive as I wanted when I initially set it up and now that room needs a major overhaul. 

Plus, I needed a space to record my YouTube videos, hence out of a necessity this room was created. 


I do have an iMac that I use for my Blog and YouTube that I primarily bought this for. But, I also have my work laptop. For the longest, I just kept them side by side and worked, or had to move my mouse and keyboard into my drawers if I want to work in the same space as the desktop when I wanted to write simultaneously for any purpose. I also didn’t have much room for any of my desktop organizers since I needed the full depth of the table. 

After months of thinking of how to configure my desk, I saw this computer riser on Amazon and could not have been happier with it. Most risers are usually 4 inch or more taller and that would mean that I had to stand and work since the table was already a bit of height. This riser is just 2 inch high and perfect to slide the keyboard and mice or alternatively, my laptop when I am working on the iMac. Isn’t that amazing!

And the cool part of this computer riser is that you can use this as a laptop riser as well. It has USB ports that you can use to charge your phone, or any other device you like. I do have wireless mouse and keyboard which now I can easily charge with this riser. 

The color was also perfectly matching my iMac which wasn’t the most important but you know, I like a bit of cohesiveness. And the best part is that this riser looks more expensive than it is. It is just $32, which made me instantly sold on it.

Linking some more cool looking Computer risers that you might like from Amazon including the one I have. Do you guys have a small desk or are you all set?

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