Isn’t this the best time of the year! I grew up in a tropical location, so I am always amazed and aww struck by the winter Christmas. Love to watch houses covered with snow, trees with hint of snow tip and surrounded by Christmas lights. It just is the Christmas wonderland. Not just the decorations, but the whole vibe of things slowing down not because its snowing, but because you want to stop or slow down to enjoy the moment of admiring nature’s beauty in its fullest. I have always been an advent admirer of the wonders of nature, snow is one of them.

So, a snowy Christmas tree is like my most favorite thing in the world. Sharing with you all our snowy Christmas tree and all the Christmas decorations around the house. That is the time when I love doing all things Christmas including baking, which is a rare thing in my household (haha)! Just kidding!

I bought most items from Michaels which had a massive Black Friday sale. The tree skirt was TJ Maxx which I love shopping during Christmas. They bring out some really good deals for Christmas. And the rest I have collected over the years. I always feel that keeping a theme in mind and shopping is always the best. Here is a glimpse of my mini animals under the tree.

I do have more than one Christmas tree that I decorate every year. Sharing this video with a mini home tour of all our Christmas trees in the house. Hope you guys enjoy the video.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

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XO Suchi