Story Behind Pink April Diary

Happy Monday, you all. Today I am bringing you a little bit of story behind why I started this or you can say what motivated me to start my journey as Pink April Diary.

I have always as far as I can remember, wanted to join the creative side of the world, but being born in a culture where your parents decide your life, I never got a chance to pursue that (Mom Dad Please don’t hate me). I have no grudges or regrets for my past, but only that I should have started this early.

Having a full time job and suddenly getting pregnant really early in my marriage threw me off my game plan that i had for life. Don’t we all have some sort of plan for our lives. I am not saying that I hated getting side tracked. My daughter has given me nothing but immense joy and happiness and a sense of purpose. My husband has done nothing but care for me.

But, in this race which we all call life, I started running and chasing tangible goals which seemed to matter a lot to me, a House, Car and all of that. I am grateful in every way of having all of that in my life, but in the process, I lost myself. I forgot what gave me immense joy. Forgot doing things that made me happy. DO ANY OF YOU RELATE TO THAT? I just want to know if I am not alone here feeling the way I feel.

This year, I decided to discover myself again. Feel the best version of myself. Stop blaming the situation and work on it to make it my opportunity. I have always been in love with fashion. Clothes gave me joy! I am sure some of you can understand that. I feel inspired when I look at a pretty outfit. It makes me feel like I have been somewhere else. Even as a child, I have always been in love of styling. I would take different patterns of fabric and create a design in my head and sketch it out to my alteration guy (we call them tailors) and he would create them for me. And I would wear them with pride even though it costed way less than the outfits my girl friends used to wear. I always had a sense of awareness of how I wanted to look like.

Coming to a new country, I lost the avenues and means to do that, but I still looked at clothes as my doorway to a different destination. Every time I buy a new piece of clothing or accessory, I would associate it with a story that I want to portray, just like a person getting a new tattoo would like it to speak a story. It was an obvious choice to start a blog and a youtube channel to share my joy and love of fashion and beauty. And that is where Pink April Diary was born.

I call it the child of my love affair with Fashion. Let me know your thoughts and if you wanna know more about this crazy lady’s stories. Also, if you are a new blogger, drop a note and say hello! I would love to connect.



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