5 Things You Can Do To Feel More Productive!

When I was a kid, time would feel like crawling slowly! I wanted to quickly to grow up and do all things adult do. You all probably have the same Story as me. Suddenly past my 30’s (SHHH….) I feel the exact opposite. I have no time in my hand for anything. And every day i have a feeling that I could have done something better. Do you feel that way? (Let me know in comments)

Even though now I have the means or you can say the money to do things, I don’t have the precious time that felt not so precious in my teens and 20s. But, I think I and probably some of you like me have one thing in common, we are thinking or living too fast, moving quickly from 1 thing to another, which was not the case in our youth.

We had a whole year to study a subject in school and master it, now we probably are asked to finish up a project a few weeks and are expected to master it.

In this magnanimous and fast pace world how do we feel a sense of accomplishment every day even though in the bigger picture we have come a long way?

I can’t tell you for sure that I have a solution for this problem, but this year I was serious about achieving this goal. To find my inner self and stay positive and most importantly feel productive every single day. I did a little bit of digging into my past, how my mother lived her life in a very small town and even though she didn’t have a major accomplishment in her life (AS PER HER), how did she manage to stay positive and productive. This led to a revelation. We are missing out on very small things in life and are only looking at the bigger picture.

I think I am saying too much now. In this post, I wanted to share 5 small things that you can do to feel productive every single day.


It seems silly and really not necessary, but I have practiced this since almost a year. The days that I couldn’t do this felt so empty, or I was so irritated that why couldn’t I even do such a small task that probably takes 5 minutes in a day.

The days I did make the bed or Subhechhu did and I merely saw the crisp bed, gave me a sense of joy that when I come back to it at night, it will be this welcoming place where I can just get peace. Enough Said, TRY IT!


I don’t want to bore you guys with all the science behind why you should eat breakfast and all that. I am pretty sure that you already know this, but since you don’t seem to see any difference in either case, you choose to do what you wish for.

My Mom made sure, and I had a new found respect for her when I grew up and had to figure out my own breakfast, that how she would no matter what get up early in the morning to ensure that we get warm breakfast. That has stuck to me like my own hair. But of course there are days when I am in a rush and was not able to eat breakfast, and I can tell you I was not happy, of course because I was hungry, but also because I felt that the day did not start with a positive note with a good breakfast. No matter how simple the breakfast is, it can be a smoothie, yogurt or a bagel, go fo it. It will make you happy and fulfilled.


Yikes! No I am not a Guru or anything, neither am I preaching any religious behavior. I myself, as a kid shunned the idea of meditating, because I guess then my mind was not populated with million thoughts of bills, life, and all of that.

But today, I am working my brains even when I am asleep, and that’s probably is not a good thing. I would do anything to make them quite. You don’t have to actually meditate. You can sit down for a couple of minutes to gather your thoughts, try penning them down somewhere, or typing them as notes on your phone or any other preferred device. This helps bring a sense of accomplishment since you did prioritize your thoughts and even if you did not actually take action on them tangibly, the mental action does count. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Let me know in the comments below.


Hahaha! I know you must be thinking why the hell is she telling me this, I already do this. If you already do this, that’s just awesome! Hang in there, there is more, scroll please…

Try a different place, maybe your kitchen counter, your file cabinet, or your makeup drawer.This does bring a big chunk of accomplishment when you have successfully gotten rid of the pile of dust or cleared out years of stacked and hidden paperwork. I usually clean my kitchen counters when I am upset about something. The mundane cleaning process forces me to think through the situation and bring in the logic that my irrational emotions are not actually letting me do.


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This one seems too obvious and you must be thinking yes, I do this all the time. But breaks don’t mean a coffee break, or a vacation. We often forget about taking a mental break time or day when you literally spend time doing nothing.

I have actually been guilty of taking them, and no matter how guilty I felt that I am not really sick, I have to admit that after taking them, I realized that my brain needed it. Because, when you actually step away from the daily routine, you start to realize how good you have it in the world and when its over, you really want to get back to that.

I know, all of this seems pretty silly. It for sure felt like that while I was writing all this, but give it a try and let me know what happened. (The key is to try this more than once)