Can’t Find Anything To Wear? Try This 7-Day Outfit Challenge For A Mind Shift!



Can’t Find Anything To Wear? Try This 7-Day Outfit Challenge For A Mind Shift!

Ok, now I was a bit selfish to do this. January is a month of paying back all your Christmas shopping bills and trying to return all the gifts that you didn’t like. I am on the same boat with you all. But while that is happening, we also want to wear something new and refreshing because we want to start the year on a good note, and mostly want to rediscover ourselves. 

While all this is happening, we tend to start hating our current closet and trust me after the holiday glaming, I find that I have nothing to wear in my almost exploding closet. Do you guys feel the same way? As women, we always find ourselves self criticizing everything we have. That is probably part of our nature now. And that sometimes reflects on what we want to wear. Trust me, this happens to everyone!! This post was in the attempt to salvage that feeling. I have this 7 day outfit challenge, that will boost your spirit and make you want to experiment with your existing closet before, you go on a shopping spree with no plans.

There are plenty of benefits from this challenge:

  • You will find loop holes in your closet (I know that is a scientific term) but you will actually find pieces that you need and don’t have in your closet and can elevate your style.
  • You will find something in your closet that you didn’t think would look good, but are pleasantly surprised that you actually love.
  • You will know things you actually hate in your closet or more like you dont need and this helps in purging pieces from your closet.
  • And this helps you to rediscover your style.

There are many more advantages, but I wanted to list the top 4 of my goals with this post. Lets Begin.



I was reminded of the TV series that I watched as a kid! Anyways, take out the boldest piece in your closet! An item that you are actually most uncomfortable, or you think creates a bold statement for you. For me, its actually a figure hugging outfit, or a bright color. Style it with a basic piece in your closet that is your go to, that you literally can wear everyday.

This will not only give you confidence, but also, help you understand what your style is. You might enjoy the extra attention, or head turning you are getting. Or, you just enjoyed the fact that you look totally different. I enjoy this on days, when I have a lot of tasks at work, and I know I will be feeling stressed. This lifts my mood, because I know look nice and feel confident and can get through that day.


Well, not really, sometimes we don’t want to do that. But, it can actually be a scenario for you. I do have sentimental memories with some of my clothes, and really love them and cannot get rid of them. Wear it with your newest piece in the closet if its a separate. If its a dress, pair it with your newest cardigan, sweater, boots or even your newest pair of Sunglasses. This is a fun way of bring back the style that you had once fallen in love, and actually see if you really love it. Sometimes, you might just be like why did I even like this outfit. And in that case, you find the next item and try it. And, the most important take away would be that you actually need to get rid of the clothes and let it find a new home.


This is actually the easiest challenge because we definitely love wearing our favorite color. There was a funny thing I realized that I love the color red. Its my absolute favorite, but when I looked at my closet, I barely owned any. So, sharing my next most favorite color, Pink. This made me really sad, because, I want to buy clothes that I really love and want to wear over and over again. This challenge will give you a perspective of what you truly love. You might also realize that you think you love a color, but when transitioning it to your closet, you actually love another color and that is a great discovery. Or, it you might have a lot of pieces in your closet, but you really don’t like any of them and need new ones.


This is actually perfect to try on around Valentine’s Day. A perfect gift to your partner. But, if you don’t have one, ask your friend, close family member. This is a great way to know what actually appeals to someone. We always love our style because we are comfortable in it. Its something we can keep wearing. But, when you dress up as per someone else, you realize that this new style would work wonders for you. You actually feel more confident in it. And that can become your new Go To Style.


This is something totally in sync with my last week’s theme on instagram!! Now, if you have seen me in insta, let me pop my link below, come say hello!!

Going monotone is the easiest and most go to style, so if this is your first time, it won’t be the last time once you try it. Now, a lot of people think that monotone can be only for black white, and that’s where we go wrong. Monochromatic looks can be a combination of many colors, some of my favorite colors schemes are white and pink, white and brown, black and brown. Try it, you will keep going, I promise.


Please don’t steal any clothes from any shops, hahaha! Ok, in this challenge, try a piece from someone else’s closet. In my Party Outfits with Jeans video, I actually used my husbands shirt as part of my outfit and loved the style so much that I literally wanted to keep it in my closet. Borrow something from a friend and a family member, and try it. This gives a fresh perspective of how creative you can be, because its not always about buying things.

And this is a great relationship booster where you really establish this relationship with your friend where you can use each other’s items and double your closet without spending any money.


Now, I know this can be most frustrating, but by the 7th day, your brain has already developed a knack for being creative in your closet. And you would be surprised to find out that you actually didn’t find it too difficult to style that one piece that has been sitting in your closet, and collecting dust. And you will actually like how you styled it.

It also might happen that you might still not like that piece, and its time for that item to go. That is also great, because then that piece of garment just needs a new home. Donate it, or give it to your family member to use.

Now, to the fun part, I will be creating a new section on my blog for featuring one person every week, who has done a stellar job in taking this challenge. How you can participate? Just take the challenge, click your pic and post on instagram with hashtag #pinkapriloutfitchallenge and tagging @pinkaprildiary

Let me know your thoughts on this challenge. There will be more coming up. So Subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss them.


7 Day Outfit Challenge



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