Mindset Reset with Cabin Fever! - COVID-19

Mindset Reset with Cabin Fever! – COVID-19

This post is a combination of all the random thoughts that come to my mind during this COVID-19 shut down. And I would like to apologize for the randomness in advance.
I had to think a lot about this, and had to rethink a 100 more times. My blog is not about this, is what I initially thought and then I thought, why not. It does affect me, it is affecting my readers, and it is affecting the fashion industry a lot as well. Even though, I really don’t want to bore you guys or make the situation worse, by piling on more information. As a fashion blogger, I built this platform to share happy things, talk about things that are fun and exciting and would inspire you to be more stylish and enjoy life in general.
But at the same time, I have found myself in a weird position, where I am unsure as to whether I should continue to write about fashion, beauty and everything around it when there are difficult times for so many of us. But, I have to say that I don’t know any better and I would like to give you guys a bit of distractions amidst all this chaos that is happening. Do you agree? Often times, when a child or as a matter of fact anyone is sick, we provide them comfort, care and a lot of distractions so that they feel happy and not keep thinking about their sickness. And even though this is a way bigger scenario than that, it kind of resembles it. We all are stuck at home unsure what the future entails. Not knowing what we can do to make things better, worrying about our friends and family who are away from us. And I would like to be that distraction. As a content creator, I wished to inspire a lot of you and make you smile in the process, and I so wish to do that even more during these tough times. So, I will continue to do that as much as possible given where I am.

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For all the content creators out there, this is the time to step up and be more creative and show hope to the world that things have not ended. Yes, a lot of us probably feel that way. I did, when I heard the news, I was upset and to be honest a bit mad initially because, I thought, my blog had finally gotten a channel or a theme of how I could share my content. I had just finished redesigning it. I was in a happy roll of things, and suddenly, I felt like all that had stopped abruptly. And now, I am forced to either stop or rethink this situation. I was sad, that I would gain weight, which a lot of ladies like me are thinking right now. All of this is overwhelming, trust me. I probably was on the verge of crying too. But after almost 15 years of having a full time job, having a child in my really early 20s, and never getting a break from that, and last year starting this blog and my YouTube channel, I never had time to sit down and not think about my morning schedule. I have always been running and running more when something else was added to my plate. And last week, I finally realized that I actually got a break from that. Yes, I am still working full-time, but I can do that in my Pjs, I dont have to getup in the morning at 5:30 AM to start my day and work till 11:00 pm to finish off with my blog and YouTube content production. I don’t have to worry about my daughter’s health or her school progress for a bit. I can slow down. Isn’t that a good thing? Slowing down is such a scary word for a lot of us, we never want to slow down, we always want to run as fast as we could because we want to reach a goal that we have in our mind that justifies our running or more sprinting. But is it?

Again, this is not an opinion, its a thought, I think finally the world has paused for a bit, the planes have almost stopped flying, the cars have almost stopped running, the factory smokes have slowed down. The morning rush is no longer a thing. All this has given the nature a break, don’t you think? My daughter pointed out that in Venice finally has clear water, in China they can finally see the blue sky and probably in many places similar miracles have happened, the nature has hit a reset with everything that is going on. And as a creator or artist (which is a strong word for me), I see the sunshine at the end of a really dark tunnel. 
Almost 13 years ago, when my daughter was born, I had to take a temporary leave from work to be able to take care of her which mostly consisted of bathing, feeding and cleaning, and since then, I have to say that I never got to spend time with her extensively even though we all have 2 day weekends because we try to squeeze in all our chores in it. And now finally, I can say that I see her by my side, I talk to her so much and really get to understand her. Its been almost 14 years of my marriage and we have never had this much time together other than occasional vacations where we literally plan everything around. I can say, I am blessed to suddenly see him most of the time and our bond has gotten stronger.
I would not rant anymore, I have taken enough of your time, but I would like to ask you if there is something that you wanted to do (besides travel) and you are thinking of doing it now. I would love to know!




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