Taking It Slow When the World Makes You Sprint!

He is My Rock!

Yes As the name suggest, I am going to say something about this fast pace modern life of 21st century where we no longer are in our small bubbles, where internet has an abundance of knowledge. Though we still read lots of books, we can pretty much find out about anything from Google.

I had to talk about this because I did feel the sudden change of our lives last year. I have to admit that my family and I are extremely blessed to be able to travel to so many new places last year, but at the same time I realized that we did not take a breathe and absorb the wonderful experiences we had so far. Though the Spring break was a relief for me and Subhechhu, we did not need to get up at 5 am to start our long day ahead which involves Saanvi’s school and her extra lessons, getting dinner on the table and prepping for the next day’s lunch (Yup we do like to meal prep, let me know if you guys are interested in knowing how we do it). So, this spring break we decided to take it easy and even though there was still an urge to do something, we wanted to keep it minimal.

Saanvi As Our photographer

Yes, my birthday always is on the spring break week, which is nice, I could take a little break and appreciate my bundle of joy – Saanvi and my darling husband. We decided to take a small overnight trip to Paso Robles, which is a quaint little town with some amazing wineries surrounded by nature. A town with just 20,000 people, was filled with peace, joy and some really amazing people. We decided to go to Tobin James winery which was a great bubbly place to hang out and taste some wonderful wines (We ended up buying a few bottles and some grape juice for Saanvi). They have this wonderful outdoor dining area with an awesome Fireplace that was worth taking a picture with. The winery seemed very family friendly.

Saanvi being a fashionista!

Eberle was more of a classic style winery with a breathtaking view of the Vineyard which I swear I could have just stood by and watched for the whole day, but we did arrive towards closing time and just in time for there Cave tour where they gave us a guided tour of how there wines are cultured and stored underground in a cool temperature even when is a 100 degree F outside. They also host weddings there for all of you couples who are seeking to look for an amazing wedding venue.

Paso Robles Downtown is also an amazing place to dine and shop. We dined at this Italian restaurant called Piazz Del Pane Italian Cafe in the middle of the downtown which had the best Penne Pesto Chicken that I have ever tasted.

The hotels in Paso Robles have a wonderful and friendly staff as well. We stayed in this boutique hotel called The Oaks a mile away from Downtown with the cheapest Happy hour drinks you can have. The room was so cozy and had everything you would need.

My little model

Saanvi is channeling her Model! My Miss Know It All. She is wearing Shein outfit which is her current favorite with Dolce Vita shoes.

Let me know what you guys did this spring and if you visit Paso Robles please don’t forget to checkout all of the places I mentioned above.

I did forget to add what were we wearing in case you are interested:

Saanvi is wearing Courdroy pants and white full sleeve top (found a similar one) from Shein.

Subhechhu is wearing a Mango Linen shirt in Pastel yellow and Jeans (found a similar) from 7 for all mankind.

I am wearing a New Look borderie top that I bought from Asos and a Halogen crinkle midi skirt that I bought last year. I found something similar here.

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