Why Wearing What Makes You Happy Is The Biggest Trend!


It actually bothered me when one of my colleague complimented me that I barely repeat any of my clothes for weeks. In any other given day, I would have been ecstatic about it, but it kind of annoyed or more so made me uncomfortable. I dwindled on the fact that why is it that the idea that someone noticed my style was not that impressive, but more so someone pointing out the fact that I don’t repeat my clothes was of utmost concern. This was the tipping point in my fashion life ( I often consider that to be different than my role as a mother and as a wife which is I guess a true essence of a woman!).

All my life I grew up with the notion that having more was better than having less, I would feel terrible if I went to a party and someone noticed that I had worn something that someone had seen before. It dawned in my that day that, I was actually wearing or more so buying because I wanted to please someone else and not me. I wanted to buy more, so that I can keep up with one of the biggest trend of all generation, not to repeat. I have to say that it was my most favorite revelation.

There you go, now you get why I am writing this, You think I just need to share my story. Not really, all this brings out one question that we all need to ask ourselves when we buy a piece of garment, a pair of shoes, or even an earring, DO WE LOVE IT TO GO BACK TO IT AGAIN? This is true Mary Kondo philosophy! 😂

As I begin to think about it, I realized what I was missing in all of this, my own story behind my closet. Let’s continue with my journey if you guys aren’t bored already!

I started purging and rediscovering my closet, and realized that I have truly never loved most of my closet, but bought it because I wanted to prove that I needed to wear new things. That was a sad moment! How many of you feel this way? When you go back to your closet to look for something to wear, even though your closet is exploding with clothes, you find yourself nothing to wear. Have you thought of why is that?

Most of us feel like buying things that are trendy is what makes us happy, but unfortunately, we sacrifice what we truly enjoy wearing and in the process have lost our own style. While rediscovering my closet, I realized that I had a ton of dresses that were one wear and one wear only, because it actually does not go with any other pieces in my closet, not even with most of my shoes and accessories, and hence, I could only wear that one dress, one way! This only concludes the fact that I bought it because I thought if it looked good on the mannequin, or if it looks good for this occasion, its good for us and hence will make us happy. I ended up with a closet full of trends and nothing that actually makes me feel me.

They say Fashion is a something that the brands decide, Trend is something that the masses decide, but Style is your own Choice! And, that my friend is for a reason. You create your own style, by loving what you wear, clothes are not just to cover your body, but its actually an avenue to express yourself, to feel your own self even when you are lost in the crowd.

Following trends can be exhausting, both for you and for your wallet! Fast forward to today, I still buy trendy pieces inspired by Vogue or Fashion Week, but I buy the trendy piece that I think I will fall in love with. I dont compromise with my style, because I think it might not be acceptable with the current trend, but prefer to wear timeless pieces that defies all trends. I repeat my clothes proudly and when noticed I talk about why I love them so much to go back to them time and again. And in all of this I have found my own style my own way.


Ofcourse, you will still see me talking about trends, but you will always find a style that you think you can follow easily in everything that I share.

I would love to know your thoughts in this topic! Let me know in the comments below.