Cheese Platter Idea

Easy Cheese Platter Idea for Date Nights At Home

The one thing that I really wanted to master when I came here almost a decade ago, was to really be able to make my cheese platter. There is something so delicious and yet so royal about a cheese platter. It feels relaxing and luxurious when you have a cheese platter served at any event. 

A pure conversation starter, this is one of the most genius snack ideas made to create a really cohesive environment for any gathering. The very ease with which we can eat of the platter makes the ambiance of any event more relaxing and warm. But at the sometime, the mix of variety of food groups makes this platter a beauty in itself. 

But unfortunately, there is quite a bit of items in this platter that I cant eat, while some I can manage, but others, I just cant consume. So, eventually I created a version that is friendly in my household. And something that you will be laughing about when you find out that I really don’t enjoy cheese that much, I know I know. But this platter and Pizza are the only ways I could manage to eat some cheese.

If you have had enough story behind this, let get to how make this really easy platter.

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In terms of Fresh fruits, I always love one sweet and one tangy. So, for this platter, I used black grapes that is really sweet. Grapes is one fruit that adds a sweetness to the salty cheese flavor.

To balance that, I added raspberries that will add tangy flavor to the platter. If you love sweets more then you can swap this with peaches or any other sweet fruit. But for someone like me, who is more into tangy fruits, I needed something to balance the sweetness of the platter. 

If you are visual person, adding a color to the platter with something red looks visually pleasing. That is why the platter looks pretty. 


For Cheese, I kept it really simple. Since I dont really eat a lot of cheese, I am not the best judge of it, but I wanted to add more variety of flavor to the platter, so I chose Pepper Jack and Cheddar. 

Cheddar is my favorite cheese by itself. It has that sharp flavor that hits your taste buds perfectly and you can easily add a simple side item with it or eat it just by itself. For the longest I only ate Cheddar, till I dipped my toes on to the PepperJack. 

If you know me, you know that I love pepper and these cheese has a hint of that which makes me really happy. And that is probably the extent of flavor I could describe for this cheese. But, it together they make an excellent pairing for this cheese board.

For my cracker, I just picked something that I already had. These simple sweet crackers are actually key ingredient for which I make this platter, because I am a lover of carbs. The sweetness of the cracker compliments that salty flavor of the cheese.


Cheese Platter - Pic 4
Cheese Platter - Pic 6
Cheese Platter - Pic 6

I could have added more fruits, but this platter is like a snack for my family, so adding more nuts to it will make us all full. So, instead of that I added dried apricots that actually bring in a similar yet different flavor to the platter.

Since this is a snack, I dont add any meat and to be honest, neither do I like meat in a cheese platter. But if you really want to add something like that, I would recommend baked salmon. 

They absolutely taste delicious and satisfy your appetite. 




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