How To Sweat More, Burn More This Winter!

I have to be honest, this post is also a self motivation post. Every winter, my motivational level goes down for the gym. I do have the cold hand and feet syndrome (That is what I call it, not sure if there is an actual term like this. ) And I have passed it down to my daughter as well. :). So, winters are really tough for me, I feel cold all the time, and Gym days are specially bad, because I cool down faster than I warm up. Summers are always my favorite for working out, but hey, I cannot afford to hibernate in the winters because, I know I will fall back into the rut again.

I am not sure how many of you suffer from this problem, but I also know that our motivation to go the gym is in general pretty low in the winter months and on top of that if we don’t sweat enough, that just kills it for us. So, I experimented these things at gym and it helped with my motivation and burn goals. Sharing them with you.


Now, this is the easiest way of staying warm throughout your workout session. You need to keep your body covered, so that it retains the temperature of your body after you have finished a cardio session of warm up. I always switch out my cropped leggings to full ones and my short sleeves to full sleeves. This also helps your muscles stay warm which helps in minimal workout injuries in winter. Because if the muscles are not warmed up enough, they are not flexible enough to do any strength training or extensive HIIT.

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If you don’t want to, and I also do this on some days! If you want to continue wearing your active tank tops and cropped leggings, I would recommend to layer up with lightweight jackets or hoodies, which can easily be removed once you are warm enough or have started feeling really sweaty in them to get some air. The hoodie also helps your body to warm up.

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I usually wear it and run in the treadmill for a couple of minutes or do stair stepper and then, I am really sweaty and I want to take it all out. If you are a shorts person, and always enjoy that, well there is nothing wrong with that. You just have to layer up a little heavier on top with a thicker sweatshirt.

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This is an awesome thing. I am so glad to have found this version of workout. Here is why. I hate CARDIO, If you do too, write a comment below, saying yes Suchi, I hate it too. I cannot do more than 5 to 10 minutes on any cardio machine or any cardio period. But, we all know for women like me who eat more carbs, cardio is key. I love weight training, YES, its so rewarding, you feel powerful after doing it and it sculpts you way faster than a cardio session. Comment below if you want to know some awesome weight training routines that I have been doing lately that has been a game changer. But if you only do weights, you wont sweat in this weather. Atleast I don’t and I envy those who do.

So, Interval training is just the best thing created. All you do is combine weights, with some high intensity cardio moves. Now this is not HIIT! Yes, its different. HERE is how. In interval training, you don’t rest as much as you do for HIIT because you need it there. HIIT is kind of a way of cardio with just high intensity, so you miss out a little bit on the heavy weights that you want to do, because you can’t lift heavy when you are going fast pace. Interval training is where you add some weight moves and combine it with one or more cardio moves. Trust me, this is magic. You will be drenching with sweat when you do it.


This one is also something I love doing when I have a little bit more time, and will definitely work for you all who like to go to the gym after work, mid day. Cardio is a mood lifter (Yes, try feeling that when you have ran a mile, or done stair stepper for 5 minutes). It energizes you to go on, plus burns more fat. So, I try to do 10 minutes of cardio as a warm up, and after finishing my weights, I try to do atleast a 5 minute session to pump up those endorphins and burn some more fat. And guys, you will sweat more when you do that. Win Win.


This is the easiest way of get sweaty at the gym. As you already know, I dread the cardio, its not as fun as I want it to be. So, I try switching machines for cardio in the same session like I would do 5 minutes of treadmill and then 5 minutes of rowing to get my heart rate up and sweat. This helps to stay focused at the gym and get your workout started.

Let me know in the comments below if you have already tried some of these steps to sweat more or if you have some new ways that will help everyone else sweat a little more.

PS. I am a girl from the tropics. Warm weather is my jam.




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