Professional Teeth Whitening – Why You Should Do This AT Home?

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Let’s be honest shall we, no-one loves the dentist! Me neither, but we still have to endure the seasonal teeth cleaning and other appointment related to our dental health. So, when someone speaks about teeth whitening, I literally cringe with the idea. There is a reason for that, I have sensitive teeth. Let me help you as well, If you experience some sort of sensitivity to cold water, ice cream, different types of citrus food then you have sensitive teeth. Statistics states that 1 in every 8 American experience it in some way. If you want to read more, there is a link below

Unfortunately, this is also predominant amongst women, as if we didn’t have enough problems. So, the idea of teeth whitening was really daunting to me. I could not think of feeling worse after a dental bleach session and specially paying someone a lot of money for that. So, I have to be honest, the only teeth whitening I had ever tried were teeth whitening tooth paste and crest white strips. You all do this already as well. But is it actually enough.

So, naturally when Smile Brilliant reached out to me with their teeth whitening kit, I could not refuse. The main reason for that was I could do this with the comfort of my house rather than sitting on that cold dentist chair, I know I am being a bit dramatic, but thats how I actually feel. And why not try something that you can DIY yourself in the era of DIYers!

There are more benefits of a teeth cleaning at home:

Time Saving: You can actually use that time when you are whitening your teeth to watch TV, read a book, sew, write a blog (in my case) any many more, because let’s be real teeth whitening is not really a pampering session.

Money Saving: And its also money saving! On an average, one In Office dentist session for teeth whitening can take around $650. Wow!! I literally can do so much more with that money than teeth whitening.

Do It Anywhere: You don’t have to rush the process or set a time, you can do it whenever or wherever you want. You can take it on a vacation with you, you can do it while taking a bath.

Customized Process: This is actually key, you know how much is good for you. When you visit the doctor, they decide the timeframe of the whitening process, which actually sucks sometimes, because if you have sensitive teeth like me, you cannot afford it always since a longer exposure to bleach can affect your sensitivity even more, making it unbearable to eat and drink.

All these were the main reason, I wanted to try this profession teeth cleaning kit from Smile Brilliant.

Here is what I found out from my experience:

Packaging: I was impressed how compact the packaging was when it arrived and very light as well, which makes it a perfect gift item as well. The package includes, the impression kit, which I was pleasantly surprised with as I did not do any research on the brand before receiving the product, because I really wanted to see this as an experience. You receive 4 syringes each of the whitening and the desensitizing gels, which would last you 3 months or more depending on your usage style.

Usage: The instruction are really clear on how you can create your custom impression, which is so amazing, because you are whitening your teeth with your personalize tray. That might have take a few 100 dollars at the dentist, but comes free with the kit. The process of creating the impressions is fairly quick and easy. So, that was definitely a relief for us women who are so busy and are running with a timetable (And I hate it sometimes). You receive a prelabeled package to ship them and you wait a week or so for the trays to arrive. They usually state that your trays will arrive in 2 weeks, but mine arrived early and I have no complains.

Experience: I know this is the most important part, so let me get to it right away. The first time I used the whitening, I went about it wrong. I should have done the teeth whitening and then the desensitizing after, but I did it the other way round and experienced sensitivity. But, when I reached out to the customer service, they responded right away with the solution. So, I gave it a week, and tried again, but strangely this time my teeth were absolutely fine. They did not experience any sensitivity. So, I believe my nerves got used to the product in just the second time which was pretty impressive.

Overall Feedback: I have only used the desensitizing gel twice which means I would not need to reorder. The results are remarkable for me. I grew with a white patch on my front top tooth, which is completely unnoticeable for me and my friends and family members, but if you meet me the first time, you will definitely notice this. So, I have always felt like hiding my teeth was the best thing I could do. But, my confidence with teeth whitening was strengthened tremendously. I see visible result of whitening. I have never seen my teeth this white. And now, I can smile without feeling like I need to hide anything.

I have always been a firm believer of spending money wisely and investing on a product that truly benefits you. I totally believe that this is the best $150 that you could spend for your smile, because that is an integral part our beauty. As a reviewer, I will give it 8 out of 10. What do you guys think?

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