The Amazon Core Sliders That Are Home Gym Must Have

Ok, I totally regret not buying this earlier. Maybe I already would have had rock solid abs! haha! Yes, this core slider has now become my sweat buster. Specially now that its gotten cooler and harder to get out of the warm fuzzy blankets and workout. Earlier I used to just freeze my way to the gym in the morning, but now since I am not going to the gym, it has been tougher lately to sweat.

And ab workouts barely make you sweat, isn’t it. So, I decided to see whether this core slider is good enough to get me shaking up my fitness routine. And boy is it tough. 


I workout in my living room, and with the bamboo floors, it does make a lot of noise and lets just say its not the same as a gym floor, where I could jump around and do a lot of power moves. 

So I have been trying complex exercises that target more than one muscle group and hence that makes me sweat. So, when I thought I would try some exercises with this slider, I was just thinking that it will be some ab slides and I wont feel much. 

I was so wrong. It works your whole body, because you are working harder to slide and balance and keep your posture and hence it is making my abs work double time. 

This is exactly what I needed to kick my butt a bit and push me harder.

The foam backing makes it easier to slide on hard floors. But if you have carpet, then you can use the smooth side to slide. Isn’t that genius! I thought so too. 

And the best part is that its not that expensive at all, infact its just $10 and now under that because its on discount. It also comes in different colors if you are not a pink ( which is how).

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Sharing three of my favorite exercises that makes my abs cry. And there are so many more options and innovative workouts you can do with them.




(I call them PLANK SLIDES)


(I call them just that )

If you buy them, or already own the, share your favorite exercises that you have been doing. And what do you feel about them.


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