Why I Can’t Remember Songs!

This is embarrassing, but I had to admit this someday! No matter how hard I have always tried. Don’t get me wrong, I love the songs that I listen to again and again. And I go back again to listen to it. But, when it comes to lyrics, I fumble even if I have heard the song 50 times. That does sound weird, doesn’t it. I have also thought of the possibility of having disorder of some sorts. Its not funny, and neither am I joking. I have been embarrassed many times when I know the tune but just cannot remember how the song started. And people think that I don’t know anything about the artist.

If you know what I mean, I would like to know, please put a comment below. At least I will feel that I am not only one.

I did give it so many different names. The first time I realized it, I blamed my pregnancy, which was believable, because we all say that we got the Mom brain. But I remembered other things, which was weird. And then, I slowly just blamed my brain not being focused enough. But then, there were so many things I focused on excellently. There was a moment I concluded that I hated music perhaps. I didn’t like songs and hence couldn’t remember anything. But how can I not!

How was that even possible when any good tune, lifts my spirit, it makes me want to dance and enjoy the music to the fullest. Music calms me down. Music makes me happy, stay motivated and positive. So its out of question that I don’t like music. And I have to be honest, no one can ever say that they don’t like music. If you like sound, you do like some sort of music. It might not have a definition. It might not have a genre in this new music industry but it is music for that person, who feels free listening to it. So, once I figured that out, I wanted to know more and then I realized which was a big relief and realization that I don’t hate the lyrics of the song, but the tunes, the sound of the music hits me way harder than the words of the song. The beats of the music get to my heart way faster before anything and then I get engrossed in it so much that I forget to pay attention to the words of the song and it actually takes a back stage.

When I realized this, i was kind of relieved, because I stopped trying too hard to remember the words. I started enjoying the music, the tunes that mesmerized my mind and gave me a doorway to imagination. To imagine somewhere better than where I was. I kind of gave me wings. I wanted to fly and see places and the music gave me that.

In this modern world of technology where we can find so many devices giving us that avenue of music, I needed something that spoke to my personality, style and most of all my needs. I needed something that would give me HD quality music (if that is at all the term for audio quality). I also craved some style I have to admit. If you have read my blog, you know I am all about style and comfort, two of the things I found in Bang & Olufsen.

Now, there are more products that I love, but I wanted this magnificent brand that I kept staring at in the internet browser.

The first product that I purchased are Beoplay H8i headphones for my trip to Bali last year. My previous headphones had given up and I really was in a need for another one because flight headphones make me uncomfortable. The headphones are of course a marvelous piece of art which I also featured once in my instagram account. I love the sound and the comfort. You see, I have big ears and tiny ear holes, so if I need an over the ear headphones, I need a big one that does not cause pain in the long run. I found my perfect match!! A master piece with the leather ear cushions. I did choose the natural color, because I wanted it to actually match all of my outfits and I have to say, I enjoy the headphones so much. When I put them on, its like I am in another world.

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The soft ear cushions are perfect for longer wear! You can literally wear it all day. And the best thing is that it’s true noise cancelling. Which means that when I need to focus, I put them on and the music transforms my space for me. The music makes me feel like I am in a lonely space even though I am surrounded by people.

When I got my computer glasses ( I know I spend way too much time in front of the computer), the headphones become a little challenging to wear, so I needed earphones instead that are comfortable and wouldn’t pinch my ears to the glass frames. But, remember I mentioned that I have big ears with tiny holes, which makes it harder for me to wear earphones with buds, because the only way I can wear them are by shoving it in my ears 😂. Anyways, that limits my earphone purchase to a lot of brands and then I saw the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 2.0 earphones. They are truly a piece of art.

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The earphones comes with the charging case which was a blessing because as a customer you don’t feel like, you need to buy extra accessories for a product. You can also purchase the charging pad which makes a perfect decor piece for your night stand, office room. But, lets talk about the earphones. It comes with 4 different sizes of silicon tips which I am really thankful for, because I do loose them sometimes. The case, is all leather, which is a fashion statement in itself. The buds just effortlessly snap into the charging case when you are ready to take them off your ears. And you can charge them on any wireless charging pad with no compatibility issue.

It is a true style statement. I bought the Limestone color because it is a mix of pink and natural, so it literally gets invisible in most skin tone. Trust me, people dont even realize that I am wearing them most of the time. And are shocked when I take them off. Thats a fun way to listen to music without bothering them.

Lets talk about the most important part, Noise cancellation. Can a earphone achieve that? That was my main question. I do also own the Bose sound sport headphones (I call the earphones since they don’t go over your head), which also does not claim noise cancellation, but it is guys, I can literally zone out in the gym. So, I wanted the same experience at work too! To zone out and focus on what I am doing. Bang & Olufsen, does not state that these are noise cancelling, but trust me. I cannot hear any background noise. They are perfect when all you want to do block out all the noise and focus on what you are doing. And they are easy to turn on with 1 push on the ear phones.

If you already own a pair of these or other products from the brand, I am curious to know your thoughts as well. Put it in the comments field below because after purchasing these two products, now I want to invest in there speakers which also have the magnificent design.

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