Pink April Diary - Boho Chic Lightroom Preset Bundle (7 Presets)

The Boho Chic Lightroom Preset bundle includes 7 desktop and mobile presets to enhance outdoor shots to look more colorful and vibrant.

These presets will enhance you everyday street pics and other outdoor shots that were taken in low light and you just could not find the perfect lighting for it. It is an excellent way to add more vibrancy to your pictures and get them instagram ready. I personally use these presets to enhance my pictures so that I can get them printed for my gallery walls.

This bundle works on both desktop and mobile Adobe Lightroom app and there is a detailed step by step guide on how you can easily install them.



Lightroom presets are a pre package filter that `you can apply on any of your photos on the Adobe Lightroom app which is dedicated to photo editing and enhancing.

The presets help you create a consistent story and theme across all your photos as well as enhance them by fixing low light high exposure issues that we generally face everyday. 

No way! I use Presets to edit my daughter’s photos and get awesome prints that I could add to our Gallery walls. 

Pink April Diary Lightroom Presets don’t change your photos, they will help enhance your low light photos that would help to make them look professional without professional photographers.

Not at all, you can absolutely use the presets in the Adobe Lightroom free app as well. 

The presets is what helps you to edit your photos without using the Lightroom functionalities which would require a paid subscription.

Indeed, these days most photographers actually use presets to quickly edit their photos and cut down time for editing them. This way they don’t have to remember the exact settings they used for their previous photos.

Filters are basic editing kit to just change the overall picture and most of the time being used in social media apps to give a quick edit to your photos.

Presets include more advanced editing changes that can be applied to a photo to enhance it and these can be used to apply of more than one photos.

Once you purchase the presets you will receive a detailed manual with exact setup instructions as a step by step guide for Bothe mobile and desktop Adobe Lightroom app.

But if you still have issues, please send a note to

For more details please check the terms and conditions page.

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