October 2022 - Monthly Outfit Plan

Monthly Outfit Plan - October, 2022


A Monthly Outfit Plan that will get “What to Wear Dilemma” out of your Closet once and for all. 

October is all about fall layering, and it just gets harder to layer and look cute. But this outfit plan will help you fix that. 

What do you get in this plan:

Never Have to Worry About What to Wear

Pick outfits from the calendar and put together your looks for the day in no time.

October - Monthly Outfit - Outfit Calendar Preview

Dread Shopping for Clothes?

You can use the Shopping Guide in the eBook to find the details of the exact pieces or

use the Outfit of The Day as inspirations and swap the pieces with what you have.

October - Monthly Outfit - Shopping Guide

You literally have outfits even for chilling and going out!

Get your closet to actually work for you by transforming pieces that you never thought

you could wear a certain way using the outfit of the day.

October - Monthly Outfit - Outfits for every occasion

If you are scared of wearing colors?

This fall color palette will help you with curating outfits with colors

and reducing the color overwhelm or No Color situation happening in your wardrobe. 

October - Monthly Outfit - Color Palette

You get 31 + 2 BONUS Special Occasion Looks

For Just



Not at all. You can use the outfit cards as inspiration and look for items in your closet to build your outfits. 

Fall is a time where you can combine your summer and winter clothes, and that’s what this outfit plan helps you with.

Most of the pieces are from stores like NORDSTROM, JCREW, MANGO, EVERLANE and so on. These are stores where you can find sizes appropriate to you.

Yes you can. A lot of stores also have a global websites and stores. And it’s all about finding similar pieces. I have added details of the pieces so you can also shop for something similar.

Once you pay for the outfit plan, you will a link you can download from via an email and on the browser itself. So you can bookmark it on your phone, or keep a copy on your desktop. 

No you can’t. By purchasing this guide, you may keep and use it, and print it too, for your personal use.  You may save it to your computer or device for easy access.  Any distribution to others, whether in electronic or printed form is a copyright violation.

Hey I am just trying to make a living out of this. Hope you can understand.

Due to the nature of the product and the effort that goes into building this eBook, there will be no refund or exchanges after purchase. 

Unless otherwise provided by law, you acknowledge that I do not offer refunds or exchanges for any portion of your payment for any of the Products and no refunds or exchanges will be provided to you at any time. By using and/or purchasing the Products, you understand and agree that all sales are final and no refunds or exchanges will be provided.

Grab a Free 30 days outfit Plan to see how this works


An Outfit for everyday of the Month

Grab this 30 day of outfit formulas plan that will help you plan out your perfect outfit even when you are in a hurry. And it comes with an OUTFIT CALENDAR

30 Day Outfit Plan - Freebie Hero shot

Want to try Before You Buy?

Grab this free 30 days outfit plan with an outfit everyday and an outfit calendar

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