Ah! We made it through Monday You all. Mondays are always dreadful for me. Even though I wake up early usually, I have always as far as I can remember hated the idea of getting pushed around a schedule. Don’t know why?? Maybe its my lazy creative side😉. And on top of that getting ready to get to work always feels like so much work. Well, men won’t understand me, but you ladies get me don’t you!! And for me, my hair takes the most time because I do love nice hairstyle.

Even as a child when I had no hair almost ( trust me! if you see my kid photos, you will be scared.) I have always loved hair. The thought of long luscious hair with awesome styling. I would look at all the celebrities on TV and dream about having that hair. As I grew up, I started experimenting with hair color because I could finally grow them as long as I could. Born with wavy hair, I always craved straight hair and also underwent hair straightening treatment which is most harsh treatment for anyones hair. This lead to my hair breakage. A lesson learnt, I did stop with that, but I kept experimenting with color.

Thankfully pregnancy gave my hair a break, but I started back on the dark path again as my mother calls (no offense mom, I love you 😘). I have to admit, I have spent more on my hair than my face! Isn’t that funny, After so many years of experimentation with so many hair products, I have finally reached my HAPPY HAIR HEAVEN!! And I am so excited to share with you.

Please note: This is not a paid post. Everything that I am sharing, I have been using for a few years now and swear on them, because they actually work. It has given me the freedom to style my hair absolutely everyday without worrying about damaging them. Yes, that’s right, I literally style my hair with Tools everyday which involves heat, which in turn damages your hair surface.

Before we go on to some new products, I will share with some old wives tale that some of you might not believe, but works on my hair and actually made a difference as I was growing up. I DONOT WASH MY HAIR EVERYDAY! And probably a lot of you follow this, even though i sweat in my hair the most, I still wait till my hair is super dirty to wash it. There might be a lot of scientific reason. I OIL MY HAIR BEFORE WASHING! Some of you might not like this idea, though I have to be honest, I don’t do it as judiciously as I would like to, but I try to oil my hair at least once a week before washing, and I have always used Almond Oil. My hair is naturally fine, and adding oil to it helps keep the oil intact on the surface of the hair which in turn helps protect my hair when I style it.

I would love to know what do you guys think about this?

Now, let get to those awesome products who have till date saved all the hair on my head@!

HAIR MASK – I always Have used hair mask at least once every 2 weeks at least since my color sessions have increased as well, I have tried to keep up with them an that really helps hydrate your hair since coloring stripes off all of that. This has helped my hair gain its softness back. I love the Deep repair mask from Macadamia Natural Oil. I literally ran out of it, otherwise, I would have shared an unclose pic here ( I swear I have the rest of the products). But I could have told you any product that I bought, why this. The oil in the mask works as a deep conditioner to your hair and its the perfect alternative to your regular conditioner. You don’t even have to prepare for the hair mask. You just use it like a regular hair conditioner and thats it.

SULPHATE FREE SHAMPOO – This is a game changer, trust me! I wish I knew this growing up, lathering my hair with all those shampoos which had more lather effect. And we still probably think that way. I am so thankful to my Hair Stylist who recommended this to me because, my hair just came out of a shell. Its so much shinier, less coarse and no more split ends. I don’t want to get too much detail into why sulphate free shampoos are great for you, if you are interested in deep diving I will link a post from one of my recent favorite brands Love Beauty and Planet about the benefits of a Sulfate-free shampoo. This is definitely a cheaper alternative to the Pureology collection that I have been using for years now. But I cannot complain, they work. I love phrenology products so much, specially there strength and cure line which salvage my damaged hair years ago. I usually invest on a larger volume bottles that last me more than 6 months. So, if you want to try them I will link it below.

LEAVE – IN CONDITIONER / HEAT PROTECTANT – We all probably use a lot of these. I used to add the leave in conditioner and then pile on Heat protectant, but that just made my hair heavier. Now, I am ok with adding the leave in conditioner before a blow dry on my wet hair and use heat protectant on my the days when I am styling my dry hair because I did find my happy medium with some amazing products. I have shared them in one of my monthly favorite videos.

These are also cruelty free and vegan, Something that I am loving recently because I feel that we all are responsible in giving something back to the world to make it better and supporting these brands is just that one thing I can do from my side.

The first one is the weightless protection mist from The Good Stuff and The Rosé Wine inspired (don’t drink it) 10-in-1 color protecting leave in conditioner by Unwined By Hask. Both of these products are lightweight and that is a huge hair because I do have oily scalp.

OLAPLEX – This is the show stopper of all hair products. I can swear by this one for life. Its a hair rebonding product which has this magic that makes your hair bounce back to its natural form. If you don’t trust me try it for yourself. Again a sulphate free product that is reasonably priced for its worth. This is the best $28 I have ever spent. I usually use this on damp hair every month and forget about my hair problems. This is the magic potion that has given me the freedom to try different things with me hair, style it, lighten it and even then have the length that I love. NO.3 HAIR PERFECTOR is one of the 3 salon products, but you don’t have to buy the No. 1 and No. 2. You only need the no. 3 if you are using it after hair color.

If you have tried these products, let me know your thoughts and experience with them. I always love a good hair story. And if you are interested to know more about the Love Beauty and Planet line, linking my first impression here. And my photo after pregnancy with straightened hair and one o my designed outfit😘

Disclaimer: Affiliate link have been used in this post.
Please note that this does not affect your purchase.

XO Suchi

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