Combat Boots For Women – With a Twist

This season, I have seen so many bloggers and celebrities rocking combat boots. Though I am not a fan of combat boots, I do feel like there is salvation for people like us. You must be thinking, why would she not like combat boots. Well, I do like the comfort they provide and most of all the stability that we need during winter months when its snowing or raining outside.


I do own a pair of pink waterproof combat boots from one of my fav brand Steve madden, which are probably the best value for dollars that I have spent on them. They are durable, and water resistant, so they absolutely look like new always. And the sole is so comfortable. I am sure you all agree that Steve Madden is a master in terms of its boots. I have worn there boots for years and literally lived in some of them. Anyways, long story short, i do love them, but as a person with a little bit more dressy style, it does not appeal to me. You know what I mean right.

I always tend to use them with jeans or legging, so when this years top boot trends are combat boots, I went on a hunt for some different styles of combat boots. There are a few points that make me decide whether I think these boots are qualified for combat boots. They need to have block heel ( of course I am not looking for flat boots). They also, should have thicker sole than the average boots which makes them a piece of comfort. I also associate combat boots with visible hardware on them to make it feel appropriate for a combat 😅 . So, when last year Chloe launched its Rylee Boots, I jumped with joy with the sight of them. Because they are my dream combat boots. Now, it was a little out of my budget last year, and probably still is ( I am trying to find discounted pieces), but the style was exactly what I would call are combat boot style.

When I saw these Jeffery Campbell ones which are inspired from the same style, I was beyond excited to buy them and try the style, and I have to say that, i am so glad I did. I dub these pairs a new name – combat boots with a twist.

So , in this post I am sharing some awesome Combat boots that are stylish and a wardrobe upgrade for you all.

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