Colorful Fall Activewear From Athleta

Every season I love to add a bit more color to my activewear and Fall is actually my favorite season to do that. The cooler mornings make it difficult to get out of the bed and get ready for a workout. So, looking forward to something nice to wear for a workout really keeps me going. 

I love the smell and feeling of new activewear which boosts my mood. I guess you got to do what you got to do to stay active. Do you feel the same way? 

I usually like to look nice to the gym even though I don’t look the best in activewear. I honestly don’t care about looking skinny, I prefer to look stronger. And that is what I have been working on at home these days. 

My body has changed so much since I have started running. I could see the difference in my thighs that I was not able to see in like ages. So, kudos to that. But, I am struggling with my upper body strength.

Do you guys have any recommendation for more upper body strength workouts.

By the Way, I just shared a full compound workout circuits that I did which left me breathless and I am planning to do those more. if you are interested, check it out. (My Instagram)



Colorful Fall Activewear From Athleta - Pic 1
Colorful Fall Activewear From Athleta - Pic 1
Colorful Fall Activewear From Athleta - Pic 3

I am naturally straight figured. So, High waisted legging actually gives me a little bit of curve I want to see myself into. And I have to say these Athleta  stash pocket leggings are giving me everything that I need. I love the fit of the leggings that is just the perfect length for my legs. If you are around 5 ft 6 inches like me, these would be the best fit. 

I always find that quality activewear actually lasts for years. Some of my athlete leggings have lasted me for years and with a tie waist feature in most of them, if it does get a bit loose, you can always tighten them.

The fabric is not that see through that a lighter color would show everything underneath. That is my biggest pet peeve. I cannot wear see through leggings. 

The Bra feels just right, has the perfect support I need for my circuits and my morning runs. I dont like extremely padded bras, because they actually get loose faster. yup, you know that too. 

And the best part is that a lot of there leggings are under $100 and if you map that with how many years they last, I would say its not that bad. 

Colorful Fall Activewear From Athleta - Pic 4
Colorful Fall Activewear From Athleta - Pic 6
Colorful Fall Activewear From Athleta - Pic 5
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Sharing some colorful activewear that will boost your mood this fall and winter. All of these items are under $100.

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