Splurge Vs Save: Summer Shoes Edition

Each summer I get super excited to see what are the top shoe trends because you see, I love to be on the trend wagon in terms of my footwear because they often look awesome and if you pick the right pieces they go with your existing closet and its an easy way to upgrade your outfits. But as always, I cant just buy all designer shoes, but its good to compare these designer options and look for some budget friendly options that you might enjoy just for a year and wont keep for longer time. So, I thought in this post I will share with you my top 7 Designer shoes favorites for this summer and compare them with some budget friendly options that are also high quality.

I hope you guys enjoyed the Summer Handbag edition of the Splurge Vs Save post. If you haven’t checked that out, I have linked it at the bottom of this post as well.

The Basket Weave Mules

These Mules have taken over the Instagram since Bottega Veneta launched their signature weave pattern on these mules. They are literally everywhere and why not! They look extremely luxurious and the weave detail makes them an art piece. They also embark the Retro trend of 2020 and even though they come in so many colors, I would stick to these black piece because it looks Classic and if you are spending $1270 on a pair, you might as well be able to make it versatile. 

If you are looking for a budget friendly option, I would recommend the Vince Camuto Wuilted Strap mule, which almost looks identically and priced starting at $110, they are a fraction of the price of the Bottega Veneta option. Moreover they are a good brand of shoes and they do last. This means your money is well spent. They also come in 3 more colors.


The Square Toe Sandals

This is one of the most popular trends of this year, the square toe style which is the perfect 80s version of the sandals in 2020. Another Bottega Veneta design that is trending in the Designer world as well as other budget friendly brands as well. I love the ankle tie detail which actually gives me a peace of mind as the straps of these sandals are really thin. I chose a color because these sandals are dress sandals and more like occasion wear and its good to have a signature color in them. The sandals are priced starting at $890.

If you dont want to spend so much on a dress sandal, then Sam Edelman has the perfect similar style but with more straps for more security and almost the same square toe detail. The sandals are priced starting at $130.00 and are an absolute steal.

The Intricate Weave Mule

The Bottega Veneta Double strap weave sandals are my favorite and I am actually saving up for them. They are priced for $1650 which is pretty expensive for shoes, but you have to admire the intricate weave details and that too on both the straps that makes them super artsy and stylish. These mules are also really versatile and can easily we worn from Day to Night. 

The Steve Madden Tangle mules are an almost exact match but way cheaper and if its Steve Madden, I am absolutely sold that they will be of excellent quality. I have never had any regrets buying a Steve Madden pair ever. So the quality is no doubt at par for the amazing price starting at $130.95. The mules also come in white.

Mom Heels

Hahaha! Thats what my daughter calls them, I already own a pink one in this style from Marc Fisher, but I was absolutely blown away by the Gianvito pair because the neon trend is the retro color and It looks so adorable. The sandals are all leather with a soft strap and just the right amount of heel. It looks so chic with baggy jeans and graphic tee. The sandals are priced at $695 and come in many colors.

Siegerson Morrison is another awesome brand and I got introduced to them in Shopbop store. I love the similarity, but the Siegerson version is actually perfect for beach with really minimal heel and rubber sole, because lets be honest its fun to wear Neon in the beach. The sandals are on sale as of now and are below $100, so if you like them I say snag them now.

Logo print Espadrilles

Summer times are espadrille times. I love wearing the canvas fabric in summer which is really airy and your foot feels light after all those boots. I instantly fell in love with the logo print straps of these Loewe espadrilles which look sportier than the regular espadrilles. These would look great with shorts and t-shirt or just jeans and t-shirts if you prefer more casual look. The front of these ones are suede which makes them stylish and look luxurious. They are priced starting at $590 which is not too bad for the brand.

The Tory Burch version is an excellent option to try and they look even more casual with the full loafer look. Since they are made out of Canvas which makes them summer perfect and priced at $198.00 they look way more expensive than that. The ribbons add a softer touch to the otherwise casual design of the espadrilles.

Flat Tie Espadrilles

The Fendi Roma espadrilles were my absolute favorite this year. I actually loved a lot of pieces from the brand in there Spring Summer Runway. You can never go wrong with a pair of black espadrilles, they can easily become your summer alternative to the black flats that we usually go for, but way more chic. The subtle logo pattern fabric looks really luxurious and they are not that expensive priced at $650.

The Steve Madden ones are an almost identical design without any logos if you are not a fan of logos in general which sometimes I dont either. They are priced starting at $72.95, they are made out of Suede and leather which always wears really nice.

Colored Flat Tie Espadrilles

Since it is summer, I didnt want to just show you guys a lot of black shoes. So, here is a pink color version of the Fendi black espadrilles. They look so feminine and still so classic and the color is so soft that it almost would blend with a lot of other colors. Priced the same as the black one for $650.

Found an almost coral colored version from Nine West with the fraction of the price for just $39.99 which is a perfect budget friendly option to try for summer without breaking your bank. The tie straps are natural which makes the espadrilles really chic and would go with a lot of neutral or colored pieces in any wardrobe.

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