Best Spring Colored Wide Leg Jeans to Rock The Retro Trend

I feel like the 90s is back and I am all here for it. I have fallen in love with colored wide leg pants this season and wanted to share some of my favorite ones specially in pastel and lighter color tones that are easy to style and look so chic. 

I have been wearing this yellow one for a while and now, I am ready to experiment with other colors and have already ordered another one and super excited to wear. 

If you are looking for some Pastel wide pants to rock this season then you have come to the right place girlfriend.

Why Wear Wide Leg Pants?

While you can wear these colored pants in any style, I am particularly inclined to wide leg pants for the following reason and I will make it brief:

  • They are really comfortable to wear. Now that we are going to be finally out of the lockdown, this would be a gradual transition to jeans from loungewear which still looks good and feels comfortable.
  • They look so retro. With the color and design of these pants, they completely imbibe the 90s style of outfit. In fact I have a picture of my mom wearing the same style. Isn’t that amazing which means, if you want to buy one of these, you can hold on to them for a while.
  • The make you look taller. f you are buying a high waisted one, your legs will look a mile long. That is why I love them so much.

My Favorite Colored Jeans

Since these style of pants have ben showcased in major Spring Summer Runways from Fendi to Chloe, you name it, all other retailers have also included a variation of these styles. 

I wanted to share a few of my absolute favorites which are high quality and will look good on everyone with the right pairing.

Yellow Wide Leg Jeans

Obviously, the first one would be the one I am wearing. These Loft Wide leg jeans are one of my most favorite ones. They are really comfortable and so chic with everything. I have styled them 3 different ways on my Instagram. 

These jeans run a little big so you can go 1 size down. But overall, they are really good quality and I absolutely love them. The yellow is not as over powering and I can wear it with so many different tops for spring and summer. Its currently on a major almost 50% sale as well.

Pink Wide Leg Jeans

This was obviously my next favorite color and it has been consistently my favorite for a couple of years. But the pink color that I am sharing is more pastel and almost neutral. 

This makes it easier to wear with pretty much everything. And I actually found two styles one of them I have ordered recently 

These are called Sailor Pants because of the pocket details at the front. I love the seem stitching details that absolutely looks retro and the color will go with everything you wear. Now, these jeans are selling out pretty fast, so I found three places you can shop them and they all have different sizes.

If you are not a fan of the pockets, the checkout these raw hem wide leg pants in a similar shade of pink from Mango.

The raw hem looks perfect for everyday casual look. They are more flared, but will look so chic with a pair of platform shoes which are also so retro this season.

Mango has the best jeans and in great value for price. I have been wearing there jeans for over 4 years and they are still in great condition. So, these ones would be no different.

Olive Green Wide Leg Jeans

This color is more stronger of the three colors and is absolutely timeless. If you own a pair, I think you are good to go. These are great for casual vibes, but you can also dress them up with a of white button down shirt and look chic and sophisticated. 

The color itself is neutral and would go well with other brighter as well as earthy colors.

I actually found 3 of them which are in great price and depending on your style you can pick one. They are all reasonably priced, but if good quality s o that they would last you a long time.

The Button open front makes these style of jeans even more comfortable to wear and the color would go well with pastels as well. And being sustainably made, its a steal.

This target cropped wide leg jeans was a surprise for me. Its literally under $20 and looks perfect for everyday outfits. Its also on a lighter pastel side of the olive green shade making it perfect for the spring weather. 

These jeans are my personal favorite, because they look sophisticated as well as comfortable. I love the pocket details which brings the casual utility style to the jeans, but the seem stitch details brings in the retro details and the silhouette is perfect for work outfits as well.

What is your favorite color this spring and are you creating a cohesive wardrobe for spring or you are just picking all the colors?

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