Face Masks – The New Style Statement

I didn’t think I would write this post, but in reality this is the new normal now and if this is giving me the freedom to go outside and do things that I love, I am willing to take that anytime. I was resisting buying face masks since I barely went out for weeks and thought by the time I will be ready, we will be all fine and there will no chances of the virus. But unfortunately, that is not the case. But at the same time, kids are out of school and this week is the beginning of the most amazing time of the year when parents can actually take a breather and not have to run around like crazy for their kids school. But, we all have been struck by this lightning and need to work around it. As unfortunate it is, we still want our kids to enjoy and have fun but more importantly stay safe and that applies to us too.
Summer Outfit With Face Mask
Ombre Face Mask

While my house is preparing for some road trip and planning the packing and everything, and planning outfits, I am on the hunt for cute face masks to go with my outfits, because let’s be honest, we still need to be stylish. These face masks need to be a special kind and not just a piece of cloth. I will link an article that I found about what kind of face masks will actually protect you from the virus. Read It below.


8 Other Reasons Face Mask
Face Mask with Adjustable straps
Filter Insert in the face mask
Inside Shot Of the Face Mask

I just want to help you guys out with some questions that I started asking myself like what is a face mask with filter and more.  But, If you want to skip that, let me summarize it here so that you have a better , you would need to get N95 Masks, which will cover your face from the virus completely, why we all cant rock that, we can purchase carbon face mask filters that we can insert into cloth face mask for added protection. Its protection is a bit inferior to the N95 masks, but it definitely provides protection. In order to add the filter we would need mask that has the filter insert.

I know a lot of you have been working on making them and that is just amazing, but for those of you who have been procrastinating like me, I wanted to round up some face masks with filter inserts that are cute as well because why not, if we are doing it, why not do it in style. 

There is another issue with a lot of face masks and specially some handmade ones, the straps around the ear used to secure it is not really adjustable, some of the masks that we bought also didnt have that. This makes it difficult if its tight or looses, tying the straps makes it permanent kind of, atleast I did a bad job with it. So, adjustable straps definitely help and are also good for kids because their faces are way tinier than us. So, I found some masks and also sharing some filter inserts that you can add to the mask. 


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