Gold Rings That Give Your Fingers The Bohemian Touch!

I strongly feel like your jewelries should compliment your style and not overpower, whats your thoughts on that. Coming from a culture where we give jewelries as wedding gift exchange and in religious ceremonies I have seen the importance of them. Women in my culture during older times would wear their jewelries to symbolize the wealth of the family or even commemorate a special occasion in their lives since clothes were still a rare purchase in most middle class households. Gold jewelries were considered an investment for many families. As the culture has evolved now, and we can afford more clothes, these jewelries have now become an accessory as compared to being an integral part of a women’s look. But I still feel like there is a sense of regal beauty in wearing Gold compared to other precious metals or white gold. The sunshine color adds a beautiful glow to our skin and you automatically feels really luxurious wearing the color. Don’t you agree?


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I am a minimalist in terms of jewelries. I feel like too many pieces create an unnecessary noise around your outfit, but there are two pieces of jewelries that I absolutely wear the most, earrings and rings. I feel like if you master those two you dont need anymore jewelry on your body. Since you garment will take the do the rest. I used to be a bit picky in terms of rings, a lot of statement rings again can look a bit tacky as we call it now, the same applies to wearing all diamonds or all precious stone. But for some reason that rule does not apply when you wear all gold rings. Rather it looks so stylish and bohemian chic. And most importantly they look expensive even though you are only wearing Gold tone rings.  


I specially love the bohemian rings that are more chunky and are actually pretty free flowing style compared to more traditional ring shapes that we all are used to. I love how the different styles of rings create a unique style and the best part is that we all can put our own spin to the style. Its so easy to style them on your fingers and play with different shapes. 1 rule of thumb that I like to use is to make sure I have 1 statement chunky ring on one hand and then pair it with slimmer rings, that way it does not feel like you decided to show off all your rings (Though I love doing that sometimes). And to add a dainty ring to mix if possible.

I have this year seen some amazing gold rings that are fashion jewelries and yet look so luxurious. Found these beautiful rings from & Other Stories, that create a contrast shapes style on my fingers adding to the bohemian style that I am so attracted to. 

Sharing some pretty gold tone fashion jewelries that you can get to rock the boho chic ring vibes. 

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