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Splurge Vs Save: Designer Sunglasses Finds

Sunglasses are one of the most important pair of summer essentials, I mean its an all time essential for me. Sunglasses can easily enhance your entire look and you look stylish in pictures. 

I have always found that wearing sunglasses make for a great picture too. I wanted to share with you my top designer sunglasses favorites and also found some budget friendly options that you can save on as well.

One of my favorite styles, these glasses are priced at $450. But found a Similar one from Quay Australia priced at just $60. I love Quay and already own three pairs of their sunglasses.

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These are my most favorite sunglasses that I absolutely wear almost always. The pink lens adds a touch of 60s flare that I am big fan of. These Dior sunglasses are priced at $470, but if you want to save some money, Ray Ban has an excellent budget friendly option with just $179.

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I have been eying these Fendi retro sunglasses since the Spring Summer fashion week. They look absolutely gorgeous and the plastic frame adds a touch of softness. And they are not that expensive for just $238.

But if you want to save some more money, Michael Kors has a similar style with just $139.

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Another retro style thats pretty popular is the ones from Balenciaga that I am literally seeing everywhere. The sunglasses are priced at $261. But found a similar style with just $79.99 from Vogue eyewear.

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The Dior metal frame square sunglasses are a classic version to the Fendi ones and look really timeless. I love the metal frames which look really classic. These glasses are priced for $445. But if you want a major saving, buy the similar style from Ray Ban for $204.

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If you like Round Sunglasses, Chloe has the best of them and they are truly boho chic. I love the oversized frame style and the details around the frame. These sunglasses are priced at $390.

These are a tough style to pair with since they are so unique, but found a similar pair from Ralph Lauren which are on sale for $99.99.

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Balenciaga also has some super cool cat eye sunglasses that are trending everywhere. They also some in lots of colors. This almost invisible ones are priced for $648. But found a similar style from Vogue eyewear for just $79.99.

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Cat Eye Sunglasses are super cool around summer. And these Prada white frames are really bringing the 80s flare back. These glasses are reasonably priced for $250. But if you want to find a steal try the Diff ones for just $60.

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