Statement Earrings That Makes Your Outfit Complete

Earrings have always been my Go To Piece of jewelry from as far as I could remember. I guess, maybe I blame that to my huge ears, Hahaha! Just kidding, but that does help things a bit. I always enjoy wearing bold earrings with outfits or tone down studs that complete my look. And if you like jewelries, you know how important they are in making and breaking an outfit. A wrong style earring can make you look tacky and an awesome one can elevate your style and make the whole look more luxurious.

I feel like the OG jewelry piece that any women wanted to wear from the beginning of times is an earring. It just creates so much drama and passion to a face. Different communities have been wearing earrings in different ways and styles including multiple ear piercings, Hoops, Dangles, Jhumkas which are my favorites. Earrings have become an integral part of culture for many societies where they have been worn for different occasions, and not worn as well. And, I just am a product of this culture, as an Indian women I cannot justify enough the power of jewelries and Earrings have been by far my favorite piece. As a kid I would imagine wearing my mother’s earrings and pretending to be a grown up women wearing Saree and managing the household like her. I still miss those times.

Though, I did grow up and my taste in earrings have changed, I still am a ardent fan of them. And in this post I am sharing some of my favorite styles, and more that you can shop and flaunt, because why not stay stylish always.

Solid Chunky Gold Earrings

These come in so many shapes and sizes, but I love the Gold color itself and adore the boldness of the size. This creates certain drama in your look which I am all about. You can completely wear a basic black or white or even a monotone outfit, but pair it with a chunky gold necklace and you instantly look ready for something special. And ladies, chunky gold jewelries are so much in trend. Its a retro style that has come back this year to rock all our closets. I love how versatile the solid gold earrings are because they will go with anything and any color of the outfit, which makes them a versatile piece in ones closet.

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Medallion Earrings


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These have a certain power in them I feel like which demands attention. The shape of these medallion earrings make you look regal. The earrings create a sophistication to your whole outfit and if you have smaller ears, this enhance them giving your whole face more structure. I call them my queen earrings. These come in so many ways, coin earrings are a variation of this style, again bringing back the Ancient Greek style to all our wardrobes where they used coins and wore them as well. Its a statement earring that will look great on anyone!

Pearl Earrings

These ones I was pleasantly surprised with to be honest, I am a fan of bold earrings, and dint think I will love them, but the fact that pearls make anything super elegant, blew me away.  I seriously looked really good in them and I guess now I am super fond of pearl earrings. The hoop style was an added bonus, but I think pearl earrings in any shape look absolutely elegant. And I have bought two of them and literally love wearing them almost with all my dresses. 


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Natural Earrings AKA Vacation Earrings


Everyone probably has a version of these in their closet. The biggest reason being that these natural coated material makes them rust resistant in humid climates. Beach destination mostly have humid climates and wearing metallic earrings can make them rust quicker. I love this one from Anthropologie which has a wicker detail and brings out the blues in the ocean when I wear them to my beach vacation. These earrings are so versatile , I have worn them with jeans and dresses both and look perfect with a hair bun. 

Which is your Favorite Earrings Style or Are you A Necklace Person?

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