Summer Sleepwear That Every Women Needs!

I know, I was like this too, and probably a lot of you would agree. I hated spending money on pajamas, since its just a waste of time. We only sleep in them. This was when the only idea of fun was going out and doing something. It was all about what I can wear outside is what mattered.

In my 30s, I can say that I finally appreciate being home, being where I can be myself and enjoy myself. With self care, the want to also look nice at home became really important. Isn’t that weird! I guess, it was because, I not only wanted to look nice, I also wanted to wear comfortable clothes, that I feel great in and sleep in.

Macys is a place where I do love shopping for all of my loungewear or pajamas. With all the promotions going on, its just the best value for money for me. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Sharing some of my favorites from Macys that are mostly under $25 and still look gorgeous:

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Summer is the perfect time to try these gorgeous pajama shorts which look sensual and sexy with all the lace that’s going on. The silky feeling of the material just makes you feel pretty and special.

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Ofcourse, a must have are these gorgeous robes, which act a cover up and also make those awesome nightgowns sensuous. Hahaha!

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For all of us (including me) who truly enjoy loungewear, Macys has some perfect options within budget. I just love how they casual and yet stylish with great comfort.

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Ofcourse, we need slides or slippers, whatever you want to call it, because we want to stay comfy and warm when the Air conditioner is blasting or in winter nights when the bathroom floor is really cold.

Let me know about your thoughts on pajamas, what personality are you? A loungewear or a sexy lingerie one?

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XO Suchi

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