Swim Coverups That You Can Wear Everyday!

Yay! Finally summer weather for swim suits and beaches and all that fun stuff that I am always dreaming about. We all love shopping for summer clothes and swim suits for all different events and days, because just one pair of swim suit is not enough.

But when it comes to swim cover up, I struggle the most, because, first of all I feel like its just used probably only for a few minutes or max a couple of hours and then it’s just tossed away. And second, I cant wear it anywhere else, because they are just only worn as swim cover ups. Oh, was I wrong.

Swim coverup

There are so many cute coverups out there that you can wear as a dress or a cover up, sharing some of my favorites in specific budget range, because, we all need options!!

Under $50
Under $200
Over $200

And as to what I am wearing, this really awesome eyelet embroidered coverup/ dress was a discovery from Amazon. I just love how the linen fabric is lightweight and breathable for the hot days.

Swim coverup
Swim coverup as a dress

Coverup // Flipflops // Sunglasses // Earrings (similar)

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