Support Small Business!

As I began my journey with Pink April Diary, I had a lot to learn and its been a year in that journey where I have to be honest, things have been really tough sometimes and sometimes, I have felt incredibly privileged. And mostly because there have been businesses that have supported me through this journey. I wanted to give them all a shoutout during these times when we all are doubting ourselves. And worrying about the future.

When the pandemic started, I felt the same way, completely unsure about the future of my blog and my new endeavor, but that only made me go back and think about some amazing brands that I have worked with who have given me an opportunity when no-one else did.

They believed in my potential when I myself had doubts about them. I really am grateful and thankful to them. So in this post, I am sharing about all my collaborations with small businesses and if I have a coupon for you guys to shop, I will list it here because, it might motivate you to but from them.

Again, a big shoutout to each and every one of these small businesses who trusted me.

As and when I get to work with more of these amazing businesses, I will share their details here.

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