Multifunctional Amazon Lint Shaver To Care For Your Winter Clothes

I actually have had this lint shaver for around 10 months now. Bought this in January, after seeing an ad in some social media platform. I was absolutely amazed by the style and sleekness of the item. And my electric lint shaver was actually annoying the hell out of me for various reasons. If you own an electric lint shaver, you know what I am talking about!

The cord is just too small to use anywhere you want, you will specifically have to use in closer to your ironing station or where you can plug it in. And most areas in my house where I have an exposed outlet, is next to nothing, so I have to lay my garment on the floor or carpet and do it. Nor age best solution is it. Annoying isn’t it. Yup! 

This handy dandy tool claims to do both and the best part is that its cordless. Yesss! That is what made me buy this a little expensive lint shaver. This item is priced for $31.53 and comes with refillable lint rollers. I was a bit skeptical about the price point and value for money initially. 

But once I started using it, I realized why the price hype. The two in one shaver is really light weight, which makes it a perfect travel companion that you can take with you no matter which destination you are going to.


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Its completely rechargeable and lasts for quite sometime. I have used it on an entire coat and still had a lot of charge left.  It works on smooth and coarse surfaces. My previous lint shaver, somehow did not work as smoothly on smooth knitwear, or wool pants. Not sure why really. Its pretty quick in picking up all the lint from all my sweaters and make them look like new. 

Why Should You Use a Lint Shaver?

Lint shaver can revive your wool clothes or as a matter of fact any knitwear that you wear and make them look new. Often every after washing, there is a lot of dirt and other materials that gets trapped in the knit mesh of the garment and eventually comes out as a lint and makes the garment look rough and appear old. 

You can also use the lint shaver on fabric sofas, and curtains to clean out dirt and lint where washing them traditionally is really hard.

The handle part of the lint shaver is actually the lint roller that you can take out by a push button mechanism. Isn’t that genius! This also saves me from the hassle of have to clean it first and then roll and saves a lot of roll. Once you are done with cleaning up, you can push the lint roller back into the handle and you are done. 

I also love the look ad feel of the entire tool which is very modern and minimalist. Something that I absolutely love in all my gadgets. 

Now, I have also linked some under $25 rechargeable lint shavers if you are looking for something cheaper.

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If you already own this lint shaver, drop in your thoughts in the comment section below. I would really love to know who else is impressed or not impressed by the tool.

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