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Silent Heroes – Special Gifts For Father’s Day!

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Silent Heroes – Special Gifts For Father’s Day!

Well, I know you must be thinking, what is up with the title. Silent Heroes!? Its just NOT a grabbing title, I actually mean every word of it. I was struggling with this post to be honest, I was like why do I need to write something, I can just post bunch of gift ideas and call it a day. At the end of it, I do everything anyways.

In this world of Feminism, Equal Pay, and many other activism, we often forget about our partners, friends, and all of those amazing men who stand beside us and nod in affirmation about all these issues and silently go on making sure our tears are wiped, we have a shoulder to cry, an ear to fill with all our complaints and how the world has mistreated us without ever giving us a hint that they might need the same from us. Sorry ladies, dint mean to make you cry.

I know the world needs to change and get better, but perhaps we do too. Enough said! I thought of doing something special for Subhechhu this year, even though as Saanvi tells me, “Mother’s Day comes first and we do everything for you, and then I run out of ideas for Dad!” So, while Saanvi is preparing her secret gift, I thought of putting together a gift guide for all you ladies who are probably like me Procrastinating till the last minute and can’t decide.

What He is wearing – T-shirt, Jeans, Shoes, Sunglasses

Now, when we do think about Father’s Day, all we think are Power Tools and Grill equipment. I agree, most Men do like both of these items, but lets not generalize again. Men have changed their attitude to fashion and life as well, just like we do. Subhechhu is absolutely, not a Power Tools Guy. In our household, I do that. I would probably get pretty excited if I was given a circular saw, or an angular screw driver (both of them I actually own πŸ˜‰).

He is more of a luxury and non handy guy. And, I am sure there are many more like him. Ok, here you go:

1.Hydro flask // 2. Shoe Cleaner // 3. Skin Savior Kit // 4. Slides // 5. Pajama T-shirt // 6. Pajama bottom

1. Travel Kit // 2. Sneakers // 3. Watch Band // 4. Bluetooth speaker // 5. Bomber jacket // 6. Trousers // 7. Printed Shirt 

1. Record Player // 2. Audio Sunglasses // 3. Nike Air Max // 4. Noise masking sleep buds // 5. Gym Bag // 6. Slides

1. Perfume // 2. Belt // 3. Sunglasses // 4. Wallet // 5. Sport Coat // 6. Bag // 7. Shoes

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