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Spring Dance Madness!


Spring Dance Madness!

After a whole week of theme outfit, it was Spring Dance time even when it was raining like crazy. Well, I know I didn’t post Saanvi’s thursday and friday outfits because lets face it, the theme wasn’t the best. But, nonetheless the spring dance tops it off. The theme was TROPICAL! Every parent wants the best for their kids, and I am no different, Bu I wanted to be more budget conscious which is my theme this year (Lets see how far I make it) which is a constant concern for growing kids, she can barely wear an occasion wear few times before she grows out of it. So, keeping that in mind, I searched for affordable pieces and stumbled upon Shein. I know, some of you will be like, but can you trust them. Yes, you can. They are excellent in terms of customer service. Free returns, which I love so much. And the dress was only $13. Don’t you love me now.I bought her a few pieces for summer, and also some full sleeve tops for spring transition pieces. And over all was able to manage her wardrobe budget for spring for about $100 which is a steal for kids wear these days. She did wear one of them on her Wednesday outfit. There sizing guide is great too.And here is her look.

We went with a Cold shoulder summer red dress that she can also wear in the summer. The color is just lovely and looks amazing on her. Lets talk about this bucket bag from Zara. This is not a new bag actually. Saanvi has been using this since last year and is so cute. She can actually put her polaroid camera and phone in it together. And because it is neutral colored, she can pair it with so many outfits.

Here is her full look:

She is on the petite side, so had to alter the shoulder straps, but otherwise, it fits perfectly. The shoes are again, something she wore on her graduation that still fits and is from Nine west.

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Below are some links for similar bag and shoes that I could find on the internet:

Shoes – I could find the booties in Amazon.

Bag – Zara has some new bucket bags that you might like.

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