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Spring Hair Accessories


Spring Hair Accessories

I love Spring weather, but I also love Summer being born in a tropical climate, it just brings so much freshness and newness overall. This spring I noticed so many new hair accessories that I had usually not seen. Though I have to admit I spend more money on my hair than my skin, but I have only limited it to hair care and not accessorizing it. So, I thought I would try this time to style my hair a little bit too.

I love a pretty fabric headband which is a classic hair accessory that I have been using since I was a kid in my little town. They bring a little Country Girl vibe to my outfit even today.

Sunday Picnic Mode

I bought this head band from Anthropologie. Below are some similar pieces for you to shop:

A scarf can not only be worn as a SCARF( of course) but also as a hair tie. You can braid it with you hair to give it a Spanish country girl vibe or add it to a bun to bring the classic casual chic look.

You can shop similar scarves below:

Pearl Bobby pins and Snap clips are my favorite hair accessory this season bringing in the classic Chanel look which elevates any hair style.

Workwear Pearls!
Party Pearls ๐Ÿ™‚

The pearl snap clips are from Amazon and the bobby pins are from Forever 21(could not find them but linking some similar ones). Below are a few more that you can shop as well:

Scrunchies have made such a come back this year and in so many pretty ways. Linking some below for you all to check out:

Lets talk about Barrettes which come in so many shapes and patterns and would instantly elevate your hair style. Below are some of my favorites for you guys to shop:

Don’t forget to check out the youtube video to check out the look book.

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