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Spring Colors On Your Nails – My Top Favorites

Spring Colors On Your Nails – My Top Favorites


There is something about painting your nails that is so relaxing and satisfying to me. Dont you agree? I am a bit old school in this, even though I enjoy the occasional splurge of heading over to a nail salon and getting my nails done. I always crave painting my nails myself. Its kind of an art, and I have always love painting as a kid. Letting your imagination run wild with the brush. I kind of feel the same way with makeup and painting my nails. It’s strange but it’s true. What do you think?

mint nail color

Painting nails has been a ritual for women for centuries. If you try to search for the history of painting your nails, you will realize that every civilization had their version of it. The Chinese used beeswax, egg white and gelatin and they loved metallic colors. The Egyptians used Henna. The Babylonians used Kohl which was primarily black. It’s not uncommon to know that this art of painting or so to say coloring nails amongst women has been popular always just like Tattoo. I call it a form of temporary tattoo which is so fun. 

Growing up, I always had an affinity for nail paint, always wanted to grow my nails long and paint them since I was unable to do so during my school days. I am glad that I got over the long nails thing as I got older. Now, for me pretty nails are natural length nails with gorgeous colors. Something about the simplicity of the nails with colors just makes it even more vibrant. For me longer nails are not practical, but I do envy some gorgeous women who can carry them off amazingly. 

I love the way our mind shifts from all things dark to all things bright as the seasons progress, I sometimes wonder, how amazing is the power of thoughts and imagination. During fall winter season, we crave everything dark including our nails. Chocolate hues, burgundy and even black is such sought after colors. And that shifts drastically to all thing bright hued in spring.

I crave to go for more playful and child like colors because with the fresh blooms and everything starting to blossom, our brain just transforms into being playful and fun and start everything fresh. I naturally gravitate to playful pastels, bright neons, and everything colorful that feels like a baby color. As if it takes me to my own childhood when you find everything fresh, fascinating and fun.

Untitled design-14

Some of my favorite spring colors in terms of nail paints are mint, baby pink, and yellow. While these are always a constant in my makeup vanity, I started to divulge in a variety of colors this year. I wanted to experiment more. Dont we do that more when are kids? We just want to learn everything and try everything new because it looks so enticing. I wanted to feel that again, and It was so easy to achieve with these new nail colors. 

Deborah Lippmann

I have always been a fan of Deborah Lippmann, which have just highly pigmented and quick dry nail polish that you will always go for them. I was beyond excited when they came up with the gel lab pro collection because now, I can achieve gel nails at home. Sharing some of my favorite colors from the collection. Priced very reasonably for the quality and result that these nail paints provide. And trust me guys they last for years if taken care of properly, though I wear them so much that, I cant.

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro


I also started experimenting with some designer nail colors because I wanted to compare their worth. And ofcourse, my first preferences were Dior and Chanel, 2 of my favorite designer brands in terms of makeup. And I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Chanel’s longwear nail colors are truly longwear even though they are not gel nail polish. These are extremely quick to dry and look amazing. Again, not priced high at all from my point of view for the quality they provide. Dior’s nail polish does not claim long wear, but they are also extremely quick dry and the polish is not at all clumpy which sometimes cheaper quality nail polishes can be. The application from the brush is smooth for both the brands with slimmer brush which makes application in corners is better.

Dior Nail Lacquer

Chanel Nail Lacquer

Smith & Cult Nail Polish

I am fairly new to Smith and Cult, but being a cruelty free, paraben free product, I am completely blown away by the result. The product is highly pigmented and offers a variety of new modern and trendy hues or colors that you wouldn’t find in other brands. This product is extremely well priced for the value.  The polish is just perfectly dense to dry out quick and properly pigmented which means you only need 2 coats, which I am so thankful for. The colors from the brands are so on point the trend that I feel like this could be the next IT brand in terms of nail colors.

Smith & Cult Nail Paint

Sharing some of my favorite colors that I have collected so far and some that are on there way through mail. I also added some gift sets below which would be perfect as a gift for your fashionista friend who loves new nail colors. 

Let me know if you have any new colors that you found in the comments below:

Shop Spring Nail Colors

Shop Nail Color Gift Sets


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