10 Chic Spring Essentials That Will Look Great On Every Woman

10 Chic Spring Essentials That Will Look Great On Every Woman


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10 Chic Spring Essentials That Will Look Great On Every Woman

Whether you like to stay casual or you love preppy or dressed up style, these 10 spring essentials will look great with everything in your wardrobe for spring. And you will look stylish and chic in them everyday while you stay comfortable. 

This also your guide to know what to wear in spring. I know specially when we are busy in our lives, we seldom pay attention to all of this. And by the time we will get some breathing time, the season is already here and we are scrambling to shop for things that we don’t even like. 

But this guide will help you with what you should pull out from your seasonal wardrobe and what you might be missing that you can invest on.

What I am covering in this post:

Short Cardigans

I feel like cardigans don’t get as much justice as they deserve. They are the most flattering knitwear style that looks great on any body shape and can be styled in any way. It can be worn casually by pairing them with jeans or you can wear then with dresses or skirts and make them look chic and feminine. 

Spring is great time to try on some colored cardigans that can add spring style to your daily look. Some of my favorite spring colors that you can try in cardigans are yellow, blue, pink, pastel greens and lilac.

Button Downs

Its really nice to be able to wear something other than sweaters for a change in spring. And button downs are another spring essentials that I gravitate to. Now don’t only take is as a white button down shirt. You can wear colored or spring prints as well. 

This is such a chic essential and looks elevated with any casual bottoms. You can pair them with jeans, skirts, trousers, shorts and still look structured and put together.  And you don’t have to wear a plain shirt, you can find so many styles of button downs with puff sleeves, poplin style, embroidered that just takes this essential piece of clothing to the next level and a must have in your wardrobe.

Floral Print Tops

This is not really a style of top but the print itself. And you can pick so many fun floral prints that I have been seeing this season. And you can pick a button down or even full sleeve ones that will keep you cozy in a fun spring print that will still bring in the spring vibe to your looks. 

And prints done correctly looks great on everybody. At the same time the prints that I have seen so far this year has been so chic and modern that your outfits don’t look old fashioned or unflattering at all which is something you always hear with prints.

I love wearing smaller prints that look much more stylish and less busy. But if you want to do bigger prints, wearing single colored ones will do the trick.

Colored Wool Coat

This is my favorite spring essentials. You know that even though spring feels a lot warmer than winter, but we know its not summer weather yet. A single layered or a light weight wool coat comes really handy for cooler evenings and outfits where you are not completely covered from head to toe. 

Adding a bit of color in this essential outerwear can transform your outfit many fold and you would not even need to do much. Outerwear is a key to elevating any outfit. And this colored wool coat will add a much needed spring style to your everyday outfits even if you are still wearing darker colors. 

Trench Coat

These style of coats serve two purposes – they are great for workwear with the tailoring and details, they are also worn a lot for rainy weather. But this essential outerwear has been redefined this year in so many ways. 

They honestly look great with any style of outfit, may it be casual or may it business or even feminine and chic style. This is where you can add some patterns and colors as well, and it won’t affect the style of the clothing piece. 

A trench coat will add a sophistication to your spring outfits without much effort.

Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are the perfect alternative to the darker tone denim that we have been wearing in winter. And it looks great with colors and also with black and white. You already knew that. 

But, this year I am seeing some vibrant blue denim styles that look evaluated and stylish and will look so good with your everyday outfit. They easily add the casual chic style to your outfit without much effort. I am personally loving relaxed fit skinny jeans, wide leg jeans and even flares that can elongate your legs and make you look leaner and are also really comfortable to wear. 

Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are a huge trend for this year, but that does not make them a trendy item. I always find them really flattering on any body type and any style of outfit. 

They look great with so many styles of top starting from button down shirt to T shirts or even sweaters. I love wearing different styles of maxi skirts, but there are two styles that I highly recommend which looks great with anything:

  • Pleated skirts
  • Tiered Skirts


You already know that I was going to add this, but honestly they are the most versatile style of footwear which looks great with any style of outfit. You can also wear them with dresses or skirts which will add sophistication. I love the hardware details in a footwear that looks luxurious and also elevates your outfits.

If you like wearing simple outfits try adding this style of footwear to you look. Your outfit looks much more interesting and stylish without any effort at all. And the awesome part is that you can also add some color with this footwear. 

But if you don’t like, black and white would be my go to shades that look good on anyone.


If you are tired of wearing boots all winter, this chic footwear will change your cold weather outfits. Yes, even if you are wearing them with sweaters and jeans, your outfits will look chic and will add that Parisian spring vibe to it. 

I personally love wedge style of espadrilles, because they also elongate my legs. But if you not a fan of heels, you can also try flat lace up espadrilles or espadrille loafers as well. Depending on your style you can pick a pair that you will rock spring to summer.

White Shoes

This is again not really a style of footwear, but shades. White footwear has become an essential in my closet for many reason:

  • They look great with any outfit.
  • They add brightness to your look even if you are wearing black.
  • They make your outfit look much more expensive than they are.

So, if you aren’t wearing white footwear, now is the time to pick one. You will be surprised with the difference it makes.

What’s your favorite Spring essentials that you rock during this season. And don’t be afraid to ask me questions here.


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