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Statement Tees – Retro Style with A Comeback Slogan!


Statement Tees – Retro Style with A Comeback Slogan!

I think we all can agree, we all have fallen for this style. Yes, I am talking about the Slogan tees that are now dubbed as THE STATEMENT TEES, that we all are obsessing over. And if you are not, then let me tell you, you need to join this band wagon now and I will tell you why?

Before we start, I did write a similar post in early spring which I will share here just for fun! Let’s first start how we stopped wearing, specially when I stopped wearing them. It was since I joined a corporate job and wearing inappropriate slogans were kind of frowned upon to the point that you can get a citation from HR (you know what I mean). Since then for me t shirts were just basic solid colors and that was just such a boring option if you want to wear them always. You know what I mean! Don’t get me wrong, I do love basic solid color t shirts, but not always. Since then, I have been shying away from the slogan tees.

But oh gosh! was I wrong. This year specially, I have found so many amazing pieces that, my closet is slowly getting overloaded by them. And they don’t have to all offensive or you know really dark (my daughter calls it emo!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£) But, slogan tees have made such an impression on me. And trust me when I tell you think, because I will share with you all the tees that I have bought over the year that I am totally obsessed with.

Now, I was barely a kid in the 90s, and totally oblivious to all the new rock bands that were just rocking in that era. But 2 of my favorite tees have Nirvana and Rolling Stones, that I probably will cherish to death this year. Now, Rolling Stones is not from the 90s, but hey its still retro, we can probably call it Vintage eventually.

I Love how these t shirts can elevate any bottoms and make the whole outfit edgy and so stylish. Pairing them with black jeans or shorts can be obvious choices. But I love pairing them with more feminine bottoms to bring more style to the outfit. It not only brings the vintage vibe to the whole look, it also does not just look like you are wearing your pajama tees outside, which I always felt my solid color tees seemed like. You know what I mean. I also feel like I can wear less makeup which is such a relief in this hot weather when I want my skin to breathe a little. Ah, I am just so in love with these tees.

Sharing some of my fav looks that I have been wearing in the past few weeks:

The below pics I styled my favorite Nirvana Tee that I bought from Free People

I also bought the Rolling stones tee that I am absolutely in love with. Sharing some ways that I styled it.

Now, they don’t have to just be these 2 styles of rock band tees, there are so many styles out there, sharing some below:

We don’t just have to wear the rock band tees, there are so many cute slogan tees. Sharing one my recent favs from XOMANDYANDSUE

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