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Structured Coats & My Transition to Sophistication!

I know you must be thinking Suchi what are you even saying. Well, this is my life when it comes to Fall Winter. I am not a big fan of layering or you can say I am not that good at it. But I know that when I think of layering for the weather I am immediately reminded of Armani and Dior, brands that bring in a vibe of sophistication in there layering style with structure and shapes.

Yes, cold weather layering makes me wanna look more structured in my silhouette and I am immediately drawn to wool coats and blazers versus chunky cardigans and puffer jackets. Trust me I love them too, but I love the feel of power and complexity that coats bring in to the whole look. You wear a structure coat, you immediately look like YOU MEAN BUSINESS! Haha.

I think you guys get the idea now. Thats the reason I feel like I love coats for layering for fall. And I have to say that Mango has some of my favorite coats. I love the quality of the coats and of course other clothing pieces. I have sweaters and pants from them that I have worn for years now. No wonder bloggers go for there products. The design is exactly what I love for fall. Sophistication and modern structure with excellent quality material. And you know what the best part is, its not as expensive. You can easily compare the products to designer brands without the designer price.

Sharing some of my favorite looks that I curated from Mango. Let me know which is your favorite look:





Now I didn’t own a pumpkin color as I call it, so I bought this amazing burnt orange colored wool coat which is so soft like butter and the silhouette is so flattering. I love pairing different colors together and creating interesting styles. I paired this one with a white sweater and denim colored jeans with white boots. Well, white boots are actually the new black boots and are such a must have in any closet.

Sharing some more amazing coats from Mango which are structured and stylish.


Sweater | Jeans | Boots(similar) | Coat | Sunglasses | Bag

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