Look Chic In Shorts – Quick & Easy Style Tips

Happy Monday My wonderful ladies! I am super excited for another quick style tips post. I hope you guys are enjoying these posts. I would love to know if you have any questions or any new ideas or styling help that you need. 

Since summer is really here which I am so excited about, we all are bringing out our shorts and I just wanted to share a quick style tip to make a very casual shorts like the one I am wearing into something Chic!

Look Chic In Shorts - Swap with an oversize top

Step 1

Swap your T-shirt with a more flowy and oversize top which always looks so chic and more elegant. I always prefer longer shorts in general which you will hear me talk a lot, but even if you prefer short shorts you will still look chic wearing a more flowy top to balance the shorts silhouette. The longer sleeves again compliments the shorts, you know what I mean. 

This flowy top also adds a little bohemian vibe as well. If you don’t have a flowy top you can use an oversize t-shirt as well. 

Step 2

Swap your sneakers or flip flops with something summer sandals, I love these clear strap sandals from Steve Madden which looks so chic and also looks completely invisible from far away. I find that adding a little bit of heels would look more chic than flats. 

If you dont like pointy heels, I always recommend wearing block heels and are more comfortable to wear and walk around. Just saying.

Look Chic In Shorts - Swap sneakers with summer sandals
Look Chic In Shorts - Add a belt

Step 3

I always find that layering makes everything really stylish. I guess that is why we love fall or winter weather because we can layer clothes. But in summer we can’t really do that can we, because it hot. But we can always add a third piece with a jacket or accessory.

In this case, I thought adding a belt to the otherwise really casual outfit would instantly dress it up and look more put together. And it also adds a waistline to the shorts.

Step 4

I always say to add a bit of jewelry and this is especially important in summer because it really turns your look into more sophisticated and stylish and more importantly effortlessly chic. And with a simple jewelry piece like earrings can instantly make you look more put together because you made an effort into picking up the piece. 

Since my neckline is busy in this case, I decided to go for earrings compared to necklace, but you don’t have to pick either, you can pick a bracelet or a watch. Adding a piece of jewelry always makes you look stylish, it looks like you pay attention to details. 

Look Chic In Shorts - Add a piece of jewelry

Step 5

This is an optional step but I absolutely think its a game changer. I feel like shorts are super short clothing and hence almost translate to more casual and lounge like compared to chic or stylish. So we tend to keep it that way. 

Adding a hat is like making it look ready for an event. I just find that this is like icing on the cake and it just completes the look. If you dont like felt hat, you can swap it with straw hat. Its not necessary but it looks awesome with those super casual shorts, so why not. 

I am really excited to see how you guys put your own spin to this look. Snap a picture and use the hashtag #pinkaprildiarystyletips on Instagram. I have created a pin for you all to save as a photo for reference.

I hope you liked today’s style tip. I would love to know your thoughts. There is a pin for you guys to pin to use when you need to style up your shorts next time. Thanks for reading, and I will see you next monday. 

Look Chic In Shorts - Quick & Easy Style Tips - Pinterest Pin

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