How To Look Chic in a T-shirt Dress & Denim Jacket

In this style guide I wanted to share an easy transformation for your denim jacket and a T-shirt dress outfit that we all usually wear around warmer months. And why not, its one of the easiest outfits to put on and its really comfortable. And denim jackets are the best summer layer for those chillier moments. 

In this post, I wanted to take a Common Outfit that I see a lot in this particular combination and I am changing a few things to make it look chic and put together without a lot of added pieces. 

As I always say, these little details really matter. And you don’t need a lot of things here. So, let’s begin.


I absolutely love this dress from from Loft and cannot get enough of it, but this outfit combination is not at all flattering on me. Here are a few things that is absolutely wrong here:

  1. No Shape At All: There is nothing wrong in wearing a loosest dress. I absolutely love it. But, by itself, this dress is giving my body no shape. And my straight figure probably looks way more boxy in this.
  2. Jacket is Not Flattering: Another piece of clothing that I feel like every women should own is a cropped denim jacket, but in this case, its not at all looking flattering with the dress. Its making me look boxier. 
  3. Sneakers are making me frumpy: While sneakers are the best and most comfy shoes for running errands, they don’t always look great and in this case, I look like I am going to School and not a mature 30 something woman.

So, now that we figured out what we are doing wrong, let’s fix it step by step.

Step 1

The first and probably the easiest thing you can do to fix this outfit if you have no time for the rest is just to add a belt. Yup, a belt adds some much needed shape to my look by creating a waistline. 

This not only makes my outfit structured, it also gives me some curve that was absolutely hidden before. It also gives a shape to the overall look by dividing the dress and creating a feminine structure. 

If you are in a hurry, do this and you will notice and instant transformation in your outfit. You can already tell that the outfit looks way better. 

Step 2

While sneakers were great, it wasn’t elongating me or creating any structured style to my look, so I swapped it with slides which instantly makes a difference. It shows my ankles which is the key to looking chic and taller. 

The more leg you show, the taller you look, hahaha! Not kidding, showing your ankle is the easiest way of getting some extra height to your look.

If you don’t like slides, you can go for sandals or even espadrilles as long as they don’t cover your ankle. Its the best way of adding a bit more chicness to your look.

Step 3

This little detail also makes a huge difference. It gives the neckline of the dress some added details to make it look sophisticated and put together. The point is to put in less effort that gives more result and a necklace does that. 

It also creates a diversion from the t-shirt dress and denim jacket both of which are extremely casual and adds a much needed luxurious vibe to the look. 

You will see the result in the next  step for sure.

Step 4

In this step, I simply swapped the longer denim jacket with a regular length loose fit denim jacket which looks way more proportionate and structured compared to the cropped one.

Since, the jacket falls on my hips, it creates a shape and hence adds to the curviness of the look that I was trying to achieve. Since its not that fitted, it also looks relaxed yet sophisticated. 

The length of the jacket is also proportionate to the midi length of the dress and hence it does not create a boxy look which the other jacket was adding to.

The Comparison

I wanted to also show you a side by side comparison, which will clearly show the difference and help you understand how easy it is to take an outfit like this and convert it to something chic and stylish with these simple steps. 

You can tell how easy it is to elevate any outfit if you pay attention to the details. Now, if you are also a fan of T shirt dresses like me and wondering where this dress is from, I have added this to my Outfits page, you can checkin out there. 

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