How To Look Chic In Jeans & T-Shirt

Look Chic In Jeans & T-Shirt – Quick & Easy Style Tip

Look Chic In Jeans & T-Shirt – Quick & Easy Style Tip

How To Look Chic In Jeans & T-Shirt

What I am covering:

I am really excited for this new series that I am starting on my blog about really easy and quick style upgrades that you can do to your daily outfits.

Who else is excited?

This first one had to be a Jeans and a T Shirt outfit because that is probably our most go to outfit for anything. And sometimes we just fallback to the same look over and over again. So, next time when you throw on your  and Jeans and T-shirt, try the below easy steps:

Step 1

Swap Your Skinny Jeans with Slouchy Jeans. This is such a comfortable upgrade to your otherwise skin high jeans and in summer you will specially feel comfortable. And the pleats on the front give it a more trouser feel creating a business casual look in case you are heading to office.


Step 2

Tuck In Your T-Shirt. I cannot stress this enough, It instantly makes your Jeans and T-shirt outfit look more put together and stylish. This looks the best on more relaxed t-shirts, but if you are uncomfortable, you can gather all the fabric in front and do a French tuck.

Step 3

Rather than wearing a Jean jacket, swap it with a lightweight Trench Coat. They are the modern women power suit with a casual twist. The flowiness adds a feminine touch to the outfit and looks so put together. 

You can tie the belt to the back of the tench coat cinching it a bit to create more effortless structure. You will love the result trust me.


Step 4

Swap your Sneakers with loafers, they are the grown up sneakers and trust me you will love them. As long as I could remember, I have loved loafers, they are easy to slip on, and they look so stylish and powerful. It creates such a powerful statement to your jeans and t-shirt look.

Step 5

The Final Step is Optional, but its also so important. If you love jewelry, just add in your favorite chunky necklace to the outfit and see how you instantly make the whole look more luxurious and elegant. 

If you are a lover of minimal jewelries, just add layers and that will do the trick.


I am really excited to see how you guys put your own spin to this look. Snap a picture and use the hashtag #pinkaprildiarystyletips on Instagram. I have created a pin for you all to save as a photo for reference.

And I will see you guys next Tuesday with another quick style tip.

Look Chic In Jeans & T-Shirt-2

Suchi is a Techie turned Fashion Blogger who found her style & confidence after being a mom at an early age enjoying her style her way without worry about her body type. And she is here to help you with exactly that. 

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