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Stylish Travel guide for your next road trip!


How to prepare for a stylish road trip and get instagram worthy pictures!

I had to get 2 titles here somehow because 1 is clearly not enough. And though I am not the subject matter expert, I have merely tried this once, but I sincerely want to share this with you all. I have always, loved the idea of a road trip even when I was a kid. i have always dreamt of having my own family and going on these amazing road adventures, wandering into new lands where I would be mesmerized by amazing nature, history and much more. All these years, i have only seen incredible pictures taken by these amazing people who took these incredible pictures, shared there incredible stories of having these beautiful experiences on the road and to be honest envied them.

A couple of years ago, we did make an attempt of having a road trip and experiencing these amazing views and taking awesome pictures, but I don’t think so I got as much out of it. So, when this year we planned our trip, I was determined to fix that problem. I was determined to take some great photos and videos that would be our memories of the trip forever. And to be honest, I still had a lot more that I learned from this trip and hopefully, my next road trip. But I want to share with you all how we got around this time and hopefully, you guys will be inspired for your next road adventure.

And stay tuned till the bottom of the article for a freebie!

So, lets start..

Many of us think booking the hotels, car rentals and where we go and what we do are enough to get most out of your vacation or road trip, but don’t get me wrong, everyone else also does it. In the age of Expedia, Trip Advisor, and other such sites where now everyone can get amazing booking. Traveling has become so much more than just reaching your destination and exploring, it’s all about making the most of them, capturing the best moments and sharing it with the world.

So, without murmuring anymore about why it is important to do more on your road trips lets get to the how’s.

Planning what to pack!

Yes, its important to plan what you are packing, but don’t we all already do all of that, then what am I actually talking about. Well, just packing all the essentials and taking along all your favorite tees or shorts are not enough. What I learned from this trip is to plan our outfits for the events. Yes, this is what most travel bloggers, fashion bloggers who go on amazing trips do, they plan their outfits as per each event. When we pick our outfits, we then choose everything, all the accessories, shoes and bag with it.

Planning where to eat!

I know, that’s just too much. Come on! We are on a holiday, we want to such be more spontaneous and not plan everything out. I agree, totally do, but keeping a tab of where you want to eat or probable places, will help you decide what to wear and in the process have a perfect outfit when you want to snap that perfect moment in your camera, phone.

Planning your activities for everyday!

Yes, I can’t stress this one enough. I never thought about this before. I used to think we can try different things in a day to not be bored, but I can’t tell you enough, how much wrong I was. When we planned our activities for a day, we made sure, that we are doing similar things which needed a particular outfit! Say, we went hiking, then we planned a similar exploration activity where our hiking outfits worked. I know, you think, Suchi you are thinking too much. It’s ok to wear whatever, but trust me. No body wants to see you in a Nike gym top and leggings with a magnificent cathedral in the backdrop! It just does not make for a nice pic that you would print out put up on your wall, or post to social media. So, lets settle with this one.

Let's Not Forget the gadgets, Shall we!

Yes, we all need them, but we need to also pack them. These are the most forgotten things when packing for a road trip. I am guilty of doing this myself. And I am not talking about phone chargers and iPads. I am talking about tripods, camera lenses (if you are pretty serious of getting a Patrick Demarchelier shot!) and selfie sticks. Also, certain gadgets like power banks, phone lenses that you thought you should take but in th chaos of packing will forget.

The Extras that make or break you!

Hahaha! I am not talking about taking a side kick along or not talking about your medications (which you shouldn’t forget as well). I am referring to Accessories, the extra piece that makes your whole look perfect for a trip. If you forgot to take a hat to a summer destination, then first, you will suffer with the heat, and second, you will look like you were not ready for this at all. Shoes, are another piece of item, that we think we don’t need enough of (I am not saying pack your whole collection!), you need to have option for dressy days vs casual days. And always carry an extra pair of everyday shoes.

And Don't be Hangry Please!

This one is obvious! We always pack snacks for a road trip, that’s the essence of a road trip. But, just packing junk food, or carbs or proteins is not the answer, Always carry non perishable fruits (not bananas trust me!) like apples, grapes, even blueberries (they last) which gives you a mix of flavors and won’t make you feel guilty at the end of the trip!! And guess what it actually affects your photos!!

There, I think I said it all about all that i had to say about packing for a road trip. Now lets get to the fun stuff, yes I have more. Click the link below to get your free road trip packing checklist in a printable format. Its easy, you can put everything that you need and want in the list and take it with you on your trip as well, to refer later.

Road trip packing Checklist!

Checkout the video below on some outfit ideas for a road trip:

I would love to hear back from you guys on your thoughts on a road trip, or suggestion of best places to do a road trip. We also have planned for a winter road trip in December that we are so excited and looking forward to.



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