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Summer with Kids – Grocery List

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Summer with Kids – Grocery List

Saanvi is finally out of school and even though, its exciting and fun to get a break, and finally being able to not get up super early in the morning to head to school, the downside are summer camps, and I know kids enjoy there and all of that, but as parents we probably are never prepared enough for summer camp, which seems like the second school now a days.

Going for a grocery run with a tween can also be interesting sometimes! Even though they are still interested in buying stuff, they would totally pretend that they don’t care about what we are buying. Saanvi is generally a quite kid, but she becomes this Miss fact lady whenever, we are on a specific isle, looking for an item. She has stories and facts about every grocery item that we buy, and I wonder how did our kids become so knowledgable, oh wait, its the internet.

Saanvi is a picky kid when it comes to food. As a toddler, she would literally take forever to eat something that she did not like. I am sure some of you are probably nodding there heads as you are reading this. As a parent we all worry about nutrition and balance, so did I.

Since she was a kid, I have always tried to introduce her to every food group, so that she gets used to the texture and flavor. And lately, she has tilted towards the spicier side of the food (Thank god for me) which is something that was important for us so that she can truly enjoy all the food.

This weekend would be our prepping for the summer camp and I thought I would share our target list with you guys:

Also sharing some summer camp checklist items:

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