6 Summer Workwear Essentials That You Will Love Wearing Even When Working From Home & After

6 Summer Workwear Essentials That You Will Love Wearing Even When Working From Home & After


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6 Summer Workwear Essentials That You Will Love Wearing Even When Working From Home & After

I know the thought of getting ready for work in the morning and  driving to work is now a distant memory. A lot of us have now settled into this new rhythm of online work. I have certainly felt a sudden shift of being constantly online and available online at work. And suddenly I found that I didnt bother to wear what I loved instead resorted to wear what I found and that somehow affected my work style. 

So, this week I have started to wear workwear clothes to see if that makes a change in my mood of working. And there is a reason why the style of clothing suited for work was introduced. It makes you feel serious and feel prepared to focus at work. Trust me it makes a huge difference.

Summer Workwear Essentials - Pic 2

But, while working from home for months now, I have found certain things work for me and some clothing pieces like a pencil skirt just wouldnt work when you want to shift your work station from the table to your couch or your bed. So, dressing in comfort is the key for me. 

Also, summer time can be especially interesting as the day passes. You no longer have the comfort of a centralized Air Conditioning that will keep the temperature uniform through the day.

At home you can easily feel warmer as the day passes or cooler depending if you are closer to your AC vent. And if you have a family, then you will have to adjust. So, your outfit needs to comfortable and you can easily be able to cover your legs when needed.

So, In this post I wanted to share essentials that you love wearing and actually investing even when you are working from home.

Paperbag waist pants

I cannot tell you how glad I am to find these, I already am building a collection of these and the great part is that you can easily transition back into your workwear when we all get back to working at office spaces. The elastic waist makes it easier to sit around in and even ly down when you want too. I love the linen style which is breathable and yet provides coziness.

Summer Workwear Essentials - Pic 3

Slouchy Jeans

They are the denim version of comfy pants. They are truly comfortable. I have to be honest, I kind of hate that my stomach is pressing against the denim after a meal even at work, but with slouchy jeans, its way more comfortable and they actually look really stylish as well.

Pleated Skirt

I love wearing bias skirts, but we all know that they are restrictive. Pleated skirts on the other hand are really comfortable and look really stylish and are functional as well. I love the midi length of the skirt because there are times when I can cross my legs and work on my couch in them.

White Tee

This you might already own, if you don’t, why not. This is the most comfortable and best piece of clothing that you could wear when working from home that looks clean and work appropriate instantly. Now, if you need a little bit more formal setting, you can easily add a blazer and you are all set.  There are so many ways to wear them. 

Summer Workwear Essentials - Pic 7

Long Cardigan

You already are saying Yes, isn’t it. I love it too, they are the best way to layer up. I usually use a light weight cardigan and above any sleeves tops or dress. Even short sleeves when I want to feel a bit cozy. A great way to layer during summer. 

Trench Coat

This is an amazing and really stylish alternative to the long cardigans. If you have a formal work environment, these definitely come in handy. And the flowy nature of the cardigan makes it really awesome to pair with any outfit and transform it into a more structured look. And ladies, this will be your best friend when you are working at office. Now, the trick is I always size up with my outerwear pieces just so that I have enough room underneath. This makes the coat really versatile even for fall, which I have to say is coming really soon.


Comment below which is your go to outfit when working from home. 


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