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The Vintage Denim Skirt I am wearing Summer through Fall!


The Vintage Denim Skirt I am wearing Summer through Fall!

I had never pictured myself to be the denim skirt kind of lady! They always reminded me of someone who is very uncomfortable and actually a corset but just for the torso (you know what I mean), really restricted and not being able to move in it. So, when I saw this Free People Denim Skirt, which as always looked fantastic on the model. I am sharing the image below:

Yes it looks perfect on her as always, But the picture did make me want buy this skirt for a few reason, first the silhouette was very flattering and would also be flattering on me because of the curvy nature of the clothing. I am straight figured, so any kind of waist accentuating piece works best on me. The second reason was that most denim skirts that I have seen so far are short, probably too short for my comfort zone, mainly because I like to invest on items that I can wear for different occasions. The last and best part of the skirt was the from slit. Its not only sexy but it also helps leg movement.

The price of the skirt is $98 which is not that bad when you compare it with the average denim pants or as we call them jeans. So, I plunged on it. But, I had never imagined that I would fall for the skirt so much to the point that I at least wear it once every week and sometimes again in the weekend. I have come to love it even more than my denims. The material is very forgiving and that’s what I love about this skirt.

Sharing some of my favorite looks with this skirt.

You Can still get this skirt which is the best part! I am also sharing some similar pieces that you all might enjoy. I am also planning to buy some more of the denim skirt and wear them in fall.

And Sharing some fun ways I am going to style this fall!

ARE YOU A SKIRT KIND OF PERSON? Let me know your thoughts on this.

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