How To Decorate Front Door Without a Wreath!

If you don’t like to hammer nails onto your door, or hate the wreath hook that is really painful to handle everyday, and lets face it does not look s good as we want to, then read through the step by step guide to how I created this bow style that just does not style up the exterior but the interior as well.


I really wanted a bit of a modern decor and though I absolutely love the Wreath style, I wanted to add a bit more vibrancy to the decor. And my front porch desperately needed a makeover. It is actually one of the most seen and yet the most neglected look in my house. And specially during this pandemic, it just gets the least love.

I desperately wanted to change that. A front porch is actually the focus point of a house. But sometimes forgotten because we just want to get it over with.

While I am still working on upgrading the front porch for 360 days, I thought I would start with some holiday decor. And as always my problem was the door decoration. And I thought why not add a decor that would be a bit more modern without all the nailing on the door or using this wreath hangers which does not look that good.

if I have convinced you enough, let’s get to the steps and honestly, this was really easy.

Step 1

I needed wide ribbons, really wide because I wanted to make a statement and if you look at the door, if you have a skinny ribbon, no one will notice. So, I got these 21 inch mesh ribbons which have a bit of sparkle from Michaels, and each one of them were like $4.99. Yup, its a great project without a lot of money spent.

Step 2

I slid the ribbon through the opening in the door frame and ties it horizontally first. Its a bit tricky to get it right, you have to make sure, you are not getting it on the door knob in both sides. Also since the ribbon is quite wide, make sure to scrunch it before tying otherwise it will look a bit weird. 

Once you are happy with how wide you want your ribbon to look like, only then tie it. I actually tied horizontally on inside and vertically outside, this way I could decorate both sides of the door and my foyer looks a bit more festive.

Step 3

I repeated the process vertically, but make sure that you put the ribbon behind the bow from inside, this way, you can tie the bow, with the any leftover ribbon to make it look like the door is wrapped from both sides. 

Make sure that bow is in the middle, and once you are happy, just secure it in place, It did take me a bit of time, but it was absolutely worth it. 

Finishing Touches

Unfortunately, the length of the ribbon was not enough for bows on both side, so be mindful, but 4 packs instead of two if you want to create bows on both sides. Or If you want to add a different touch like me, just add pine stems that you use for Christmas tree decorations on your tree and thats it. 

I feel like it also went really well with the rest of the from t porch decor and definitely made a statement in my neighbourhood.

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What kind of cool projects are you upto this holiday. And comment below if you liked this post and if you are interested in seeing more easy decor ideas. Stay Safe, Happy Holidays!


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